CS:GO Danger Zone Map Examination [Part 1]

CSGO Danger Zone Map Examination [Part 1]
Image credit: Valve

CS:GO’s Danger Zone has a really huge map for Counter Strike standards. In comparison with other Battle Royale or esports maps, Blacksite is one of the smallest ones. Here we discuss the examination of the Danger Zone map.

CS:GO Danger Zone Map Examination Part 1: Lighthouse, Picnic, Cove

Blacksite contains more details than any other map in the game mode. At the end of the day, Danger Zone is still CS:GO and we all know that details matter very much in this FPS game. Therefore, it can be very confusing for newcomers of Battle Royale to grasp such a huge map. Because of that, Game Life made a Blacksite (Danger Zone map) examination guide with all the details that players need to know. That includes covers, traps, good positions, good and bad approaches, etc.

CS:GO Danger Zone Map Esports Layout Sections Counter Strike
CS:GO Danger Zone Map Layout Sections Counter-Strike


Lighthouse and Bridge

The Lighthouse is probably one of the most popular landing locations in Danger Zone (oddly enough the same could be said about Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout). You can notice that in the selection phase, Lighthouse is selected around 90% of the time. Maybe it’s not the best landing point, but it is unquestionably the most loved one. That tells us a lot about the convenience of this part of a Blacksite. It has many benefits, but it is not perfect, of course. Let’s see what makes this landing point so popular and where are the weak points, covers, approaches, etc.

There are three approaches to Lighthouse. The most noticeable is obviously the Bridge. No matter whether you want to leave Lighthouse or get in there, but you should avoid Bridge anyway. The reason is very simple. It’s a very dangerous and open place to be in such kind of game. You are not protected on Bridge at all. However, if you decided to walk over the Bridge, it would be helpful to know that you can jump into the water without being hurt. This can be useful when someone is shooting you, and you need an escape. Just be sure that you are going to land on the water surface. There is some kind of electric box on a pole at the beginning of Bridge (from the Lighthouse side), it’s very good to cover and it provides you a fantastic view of the Bridge and Picnic.

Another approach is stairs on North. It is perhaps the best way to come up to Lighthouse. That is also the access point that player in Lighthouse has to take care of. It is the best way to sneak in Lighthouse. The third approach is stairs on South, from Canyon. It is a little bit riskier than the previous one, but it is an equally good way to get in Lighthouse. There is one big rock in front of the entrance in the basement of Lighthouse. It provides you good cover and a great view of Bridge, Picnic and Canyon.

Lighthouse has a Basement, two floors, and a roof. On the second floor, there are two windows. One has an outlook at Picnic, and another has outlook at stairs on North. From the top of Lighthouse, you can see everything around you including Bunker entrance on North, Picnic, Canyon, Bridge, and Forrest. The good thing about it is that you have high ground and beautiful position, but the problem is that you are on the edge of the Blacksite, and you will be in Danger Zone quickly most of the time.


You can move toward Picnic from the West, but it is very risky because you have to look at two sides simultaneously, which is apparently not an easy thing to do. The best way to come to Picnic is a direct approach from the East. The good thing about Picnic is a great view of the Lighthouse, Bridge, Cove, and Alpha. You are also protected by a wall from the East. The problem is that you hardly can see if someone is approaching you from the East. There are many trees, rocks, high grass, and bushes, so it is difficult to notice anyone there.

East of Picnic, you can find one of the best locations on a map. There is some kind of crow’s nest on the tree. You are well protected by tin from West and North, and a tree is protecting you from Bunker. From this spot, you have absolute control over space around you. Alpha, Picnic, Shed above Cove and Bunker are all in your sight of view. The problem is that you don’t have an easy escape from this position.


There is nothing spectacular about Cove. An only notable thing is shed above Cove. Usually, there is some kind of box, mostly box with a pistol. Also, you can see Alpha and Picnic from Shed, but the problem is that it is made of thin wood, so bullets can go through it. The good thing is that you can jump into the water, but it is not an easy thing to do. The cove is generally used as a transition location between Picnic and Alpha, and indeed it is perfect for that. So, if you want to get into Alpha, use Cove as an avenue of approach.

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