CS:GO Gets Survival Mode Tomorrow?

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CS: GO gets Survival mode tomorrow?

CS:GO dev has something interesting to show us tomorrow. Is is possibly the highly anticipated survival mode that CS:GO players have been waiting for? For those who are asking what the survival mode is, it’s basically CS:GO’s version of battle royale. Gamers who are following CS:GO news every day are very familiar with the rumors of a Battle Royale mode coming to the game. It’s been a while that the CS:GO Dev Twitter account had any big updates. But in the last couple of weeks, talks about CS:GO getting a new battle royale mode was spreading everywhere.

Yesterday @csgo_dev tweeted something rather peculiar which is unorthodox for them. Typically @csgo_dev They tweeted: “tweets little updates, some recent news about developments, but this time is was a one sentence tweet saying, “What are you doing Wednesday?“. Well, there wouldn’t be anything unusual with that to the casual vistor. But many followers pointed out @csgo_dev ‘s new profile pic:

@csgo_dev Profile Pic Change Counter Strike Global Offensive Twitter Page
Image courtesy of CS:GO Official Twitter Page

First of all, it is very well-known that CS:GO doesn’t update their Twitter page frequently. Secondly, the new image represents an absolutely new character that cannot be found in the current game. You might say, “well, maybe they are just releasing a new Operation or something like a Winter theme”. Perhaps you are right, but let’s get back in time when Battle Royal games weren’t enormously popular.

Survival prefixes in updated files

In order to realize the possibility of getting CS:GO’s survival mode we have to go all the way back to May 2016. Even back then we could see new files with survival prefixes. At that time PUBG and Fortnite still weren’t released, so nobody knew about this new type (Battle Royal) of the games, or it just wasn’t so popular. However, it seems the Valve team was planning to implement something new in the game; something that is going to infect the whole gaming world.

In 2016 nobody knew what was the function of these files which contained “survival” in their names. It never occurred to anyone that it is going to become the most popular game mode on the planet. Predictions weren’t linked to Battle Royal mode at all. Instead, programmers and gamers who noticed the file names with the word “survival” in them either deviated from the topic, or didn’t think there was any relevance to the name.

Adrenalin, beacon, sonar, supply crate – Does it sound familiar to you?

Gamers who play Battle Royale games undoubtedly know about terms like “beacon, sonar, and supply crate“. What might they have in common with CS: GO you ask? In June of last year, CS:GO received an update, and among new files, you could discover names which contain these keywords in them. That was the time when PUBG started becoming popular, as well as Battle Royal games.

CS: GO players started speculating about the potential “survival mode” in Counter-Strike, but still nobody was sure about it. Those things can maybe be used for something else, they thought. However, nothing really happened after a new update. Nobody saw any adrenaline or sonar in CS: GO. As a result, everyone was curious about these new items. What is their purpose? Will Valve really implement survival mode in Counter-Strike? Let’s check out more hints.

ui_playsettings_official_survival on a list of console commands?

Valve added this command back in June this year. Right now it does nothing. So, why is it there? That’s a very good question, and it presumably has something to do with potential Survival mode. There are numerous ways in which this command can be used. It looks like an ordinary command, but why then it has “survival” in the end? We can only speculate about the purpose of this command, but I am sure that guys from Valve don’t add commands just like that. Maybe they actually wanted to tease gamers who were on the egg hunt of their speculative “survival mode”? But that’s not all, we are going towards biggest hint we got last year.

@csgo_dev Valve Developers Big Hint Rumor Survival Mode Battle Royale Counter Strike Global Offensive

Xl_enclave is the new map for CS:GO’s Survival mode?

Last month, one image leaked to the public went viral very fast. Namely, one of the game developers was testing a new map called xl_enclave. The first thing that occurred to passionate CS:GO gamers was that it was a map for the new mode. Some of the CS players even asked that specific developer whether it was true. According to their words, the developer said “yes“. So, if we can trust those people, Valve officially confirmed that new mode is going to be released soon. Suddenly, all these tiny clues that Game Life mentioned above were part of a massive puzzle. However, we still cannot be 100% sure whether it is accurate, because we cannot believe these people fully. In Game Life’s opinion, it is very possible that we are going to get a new mode, if not tomorrow then in a near future. Why? There are a couple of reasons.

First of all, developers don’t put things into the game just like that. Everything has its own purpose. Secondly, they have been giving out puzzles to followers for the past two years. In addition to that, they realized that it was going to be hard to compete with the now popular games: PUBG and Fortnite, so Value possibly decided to wait. On top of that, it is always more intriguing when you get little hints and put them into a puzzle. Another sign that survival mode is coming is that the developer played on the map for one reason: testing purposes . Game Life cannot be certain about these assumptions, but it would be really disappointing if we just get another Operation tomorrow. Let’s hope that CS:GO is indeed going to released, and perhaps as early as tomorrow.

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