CS:GO Reaches The Second Highest Number Of Average Players Ever

CSGO Reaches The Second Highest Number Of Average Players Ever
  • In the last 30 days, there are more players playing CS:GO than ever since February 2019. Let’s figure out why CS:GO gained so many players recently.
The highest number of average players since February 2017

According to Steamcharts.com, in the last 30 days, the number of average players is the highest since February 2017. At one moment, there were 402,524 average players per day which is more than 401,367 average players which was recorded in January this year. Previously, the only month with more average players per day was, as mentioned, February in 2017.

CSGO Steamchart Stats
Source: Steamcharts

However, although this is an interesting fact in terms of statistics, it’s not like this number popped out from nowhere. The numbers went really high when CS:GO became free-to-play. Since December last year, every month had more than 350,000 average players per day. So, this number is something that gradually increased. But, why did it peek in the last 30 days? Let’s find out.

Reasons behind more players

Of course, we have to mention CS:GO becoming free as the main reason behind the number of players increase. There is not so much to say about this as it is pretty obvious how it affects the number of players. The game simply attracted many player as it became free. But, there are some other reasons behind this big number as well.

Let’s start with numerous big updates that Valve released recently. They changed the economy system, nerfed AUG, added new maps to map pool and so on. Naturally, whenever there is a new update, any CS:GO player will launch the game and try out new features in the game, regardless of their recent activity. They might be stopped playing CS:GO for a while, but then new updated intrigued them and the just had to try it out.

This especially applies to new maps (Vertigo), and new mods (Scrimmage). With Scrimmage mod, there is no pressure in 5v5 games, and that’s maybe what attracted many players to the game again.

Finally, we must notice that the following Major is coming up in a few days. With stickers being released, players are coming back to the game so they can buy the sticker of their favorite team or player and support them in that way. Additionally, we are all hyped when the Major is about to begin and therefore we feel need to play the game. These are just some of the reasons behind CS:GO reaching the second-highest number of average players.

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