CS:GO Update: New Maps, Vertigo Changes, And Unranked Matchmaking

CSGO Update New Maps, Vertigo Changes, And Unranked Matchmaking

Valve released a new update recently which is bringing many new things to CS:GO. The new CS:GO update features two new maps, Vertigo changes, and something that the CS:GO community always wanted; unranked CS:GO Matchmaking. Down below, you can read more about the most recent Update.

Breach and Seaside in, Workout out

The new CS:GO update brings two new maps. Those are:

  • Breach
  • Seaside

They are going to be available in Casual Mode in Defusual Group Sigma. Also, these two maps are “Scrimmage Maps” so players can check them out in unranked CS:GO matchmaking, but we will talk more about this mode later on.

Adding new maps to CS:GO is always a good way of making a game look fresh. With new maps, players now can explore new things and it makes them feel like they play a new game. Who knows, maybe one of these two maps will receive only positive feedback and eventually find its spot in Active Duty Map pool.

However, two new maps in CS:GO means that one must go and that’s Workout. This community map didn’t survive for so long in CS:GO competitive mode as it got removed by Valve. Therefore, players will not be able to play it in Valve servers anymore.

Unranked CS:GO Matchmaking and “Scrimmage Maps”

The new CS:GO update also brings to us something that all CS:GO players wanted since different modes were introduced in the game. Players finally can play 5v5 Best-of-30-rounds games with absolutely no pressure and Matchmaking anxiety. Valve introduced kind of unranked Matchmaking to the game, where all standard rules apply, but your rank will not be affected by your results.

This also means that you can match up with players of any skill level, which can result in a match between Global Elite and Silver teams. But, it also means that you can finally play the game with your Global friend despite the huge discrepancy between your skill ranks. But, most importantly, you don’t have to care about your rank anymore and you can play with no pressure.

Nevertheless, there are still going to be penalties for cheating and early quitting. Cheaters in Scrimmage Maps can be caught by Overwatch, and players who abandon the game before it ends will receive temporary bans or cooldowns.

Anyway, this all sounds too good to be true. So, there is one drawback of this new mode. The drawback is that you can play only Scrimmage Maps and those are Ruby, and two new maps, Breach and Seaside. This way, Valve wants to encourage players to try out new Community maps as they don’t have to worry about their ranks. This is a great addition to the game for sure, but it would be even better if we could play all Active Duty Map Pool maps in unranked CS:GO Matchmaking.

Vertigo changes

The new CS:GO update tells us that Valve is not going to give up on their new map, Vertigo. Even though it’s a common opinion that Vertigo should be removed from the game, Valve does everything to help it survive in the competitive scene. Accordingly, they made some new changes to make the map more competitive.

Two biggest Vertigo changes are definitely adding Ladder Room and removing Elevator, as well as small changes on B site. Now, instead of one-way Elevator, the player can use ladders to go both ways and basically decide if they want to go A, B, or Mid.

Vertigo CSGO Map change #1

Vertigo Map Change #2
Source: Valve



On B site, Valve changed certain positions and they also made particular changes to B site approach. Alongside all the mentioned Vertigo changes, they also made a couple of minor improvements to the map. They stretched T spawn and moved spawn points further back. This means that Ts now need more time to reach certain areas on the map, which will give CTs more time to take map control. Also, T’s approach to A site now requires more time as well. The doors that connect CT spawn and A site are now bigger.

All these changes are supposed to help CTs to fight over the map control and make the map more competitive. But, we will see if it’s going to be the case, or Vertigo will need more improvements to be competitive enough.

Overpass walkpixel boost fixed

Just a few days ago, 5Power performed walkpixel boost on Overpass. We thought developers didn’t intend to make this boost possible and we were right. It was sort of bug, and Valve fixed it in the most recent update. That boost is not available anymore.

Here are the remaining changes in new CS:GO update:

– Game server logs on Linux are now using a separate thread to write the data to filesystem which improves performance of the game server main thread.

– Fixed a regression which prevented cycling grenades with TAG grenade.
– Fixed a rare crash related to bump mines and breach charges.
– Mute spinner on in-game players can now be dragged all the way down to zero.

(source: CS:GO blog)

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