CS:GO CT Weapons Comparison: M4A1-S Vs M4A4 Vs AUG

CSGO CT Weapons Comparison M4A1-S Vs M4A4 Vs AUG
Source: Valve
  • One of the most popular questions in CS:GO is about CS:GO CT weapons comparison. Should we use an M4A1-S or M4A4? Since AUG became part of meta, should we use AUG instead of M4 guns? In this article, we will try to help you to understand the difference between those weapons.
CS:GO CT Weapons Comparison: M4A1-S Vs M4A4 Vs AUG
Weapon Choice

The weapon choice is very important in CS:GO, like in any other FPS game. You always want to have the best possible weapons so you can have an advantage over your opponents. However, sometimes you are not quite sure which weapons are better than others. This problem especially appears on the CT (counter-terrorist) side where you have three different options excluding AWP and Auto-Sniper.

Hence, this CS:GO CT weapons comparison can help you to decide which rifle you should use and when. Some rifles perform better under particular circumstances but turn out to be worse in other occasions.

M4A1-S vs M4A4

The two most compared weapons in CS:GO are M4A1-S and M4A4. Whereas M4A4 was a new addition in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, M4A1-S is the successor of the old M4A1 from CS 1.6. and CS: Source. Therefore, players are more familiar with this gun than with its alternative, M4A4. Before the last update that changed Meta and buffed M4A1-S, if you used this gun you automatically were in an inferior position as the M4A4 was much better. Before the update, only a few pro players who were nostalgic were using this gun.

M4A4 CSGO esports Gun Weapon
Source: Valve

The main problem was a very small magazine that had only 20 rounds. Also, M4A1-S had only two magazines in reserve. But, when Valve added an additional 5 rounds per magazine and one additional magazine in reserve, using the M4A1-S instead of M4A4 became a reasonable decision.

If we want to do CS:GO CT weapons comparison, we first need to compare the specifications of these two guns. But when it comes to M4A1-S and M4A4 they have almost identical specifications. The biggest difference is already mentioned a number of rounds per magazine. M4A1-S has 25 rounds and M4A4 has 30 rounds per magazine.

Aside from that, M4A1-S has a significantly lower fire rate, but slightly easier recoil control. In addition to that, because of the silencer, the M4A1-S is quieter and doesn’t shoot tracers which makes this gun more convenient than M4A4 in particular situations.

Which weapons you should use in which situations?

There is no concrete answer to this question when it comes to a comparison of these two guns. It’s more about personal preference. However, it seems like the M4A1-S is slightly better in long-range fights, while M4A4 is more valuable in close-range combats because of higher firing rate. M4A1-S is much better for tapping enemies that are far from you. This can be useful on Long on Dust 2, as well as on Banana on Overpass and Inferno. Additionally, M4A1-S is a slightly better choice on Nuke and Train especially if you like to hold long angles.


M4A1-S CSGO Esports Weapon Gun
Source: Valve

Regardless, if we take a new Meta weapon into consideration (AUG), M4A1-S again becomes practically useless as its only advantages are pointless when you have AUG which is even better. So, without farther ado, let’s move to our next weapon in our CS:GO CT weapons comparison.

AUG vs M4s

The AUG has been around since the first versions of Counter-Strike. Nevertheless, almost no one used it until the end of last year when Valve decided to reduce the price of it. When it happened, players started trying out the AUG and it slowly became a part of meta. It became so powerful that Valve decided to go back to the old price. In spite of that, AUG remained part of meta as players were willing to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars more to get a better weapon. No wonder considering the advantages of the AUG. Only a few players like NiKo decided to not use it for their own reasons.

AUG vs M4s Gun
Source: Valve

Whereas M4A4 and M4A1-S are almost the same in terms of specifications, AUG significantly differs from these two weapons. First of all, it costs more ($3,300). Then, it needs 0.8 seconds more to reload, which can make a big difference in CS:GO. Also, it reduces the movement speed of players more than two M4 guns do. It even delivers less damage to unarmored players than M4A4 and M4A1-S. Despite all said, AUG’s good sides are good compensation for his downsides and he is a much better weapon in particular situations.

The big advantage of the AUG is that he has one-shot potential, which means that if you hit headshot with the AUG it automatically means that you killed the other player regardless of whether he uses a helmet or not. Also, the AUG generally delivers more damage to armored players. On top of that, the scope of the AUG gives you a variety of new options as you can use it as Auto-Sniper with worse scope.

When you should use AUG instead of M4s

If you have a good aim and feel confident with your headshot percentage, you definitely should use the AUG instead of M4 guns as it gives you instant kill after headshot. Also, the AUG is a must-have gun on maps with frequent long-range battles. So, you should use it on Train, Overpass, Nuke (Heaven, Ramp, Outside), Mirage (A site, Mid, B Apartments), and Lake and Rialto in Wingman mode.

It’s not recommended to use the AUG on Vertigo given that this map features only short-range combats. The AUG is good in short-range fights as well, but you will make most of it in particular places when you have a lot of open space in front of you.

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