Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko will retire in 2019

Danylo Zeus Teslenko will retire in 2019 Esports CSGO Counter Strike
Image source: twitter.com/natusvincere

Zeus is the CS:GO Ukrainian legend who has dominated the game for many years, being most successful with Natus Vincere where he won many championships with the organization.

Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko will retire in 2019

The Captain of the Ukrainian team, Natus Vincere said that he is planning to end his career in 2019. It’s not surprising considering he is in eSports since 2002. He started his career in Arsenal and played for many great teams achieving huge accomplishments during his peak. Popular Zeus CS:GO is part of Natus Vincere for eight successful years. He made a huge impact on Natus Vincere’s results, considering he is a member of the team since it had been formed. It is going to be a really tough year for NaVi knowing that s1mple is planning to left team as well.

Perhaps this is the last chance for Ukrainians to do something huge before their team falls apart. Sure, Natus Vincere will try to bring even better players, but it will take time for players to get used to each other.

Daniil Teslenko @ZeusCSGO Zeus CSGO Counter Striker
Image source: twitter.com/ZeusCSGO
Zeus is not satisfied with NaVi schedule in 2018; he doesn’t know the exact date of retirement

Daniil said that he doesn’t know when he will finish his career exactly. According to his words, it may happen in the middle of the year, as well as at the end of the year. As Zeus states, second place won in Lisbon was a good improvement, but it wasn’t the way NaVi wanted to finish the season. Zeus CS:GO looked back at tournament schedule that Natus Vincere had in 2018, as well. He says that the choice of events wasn’t the best.

NaVi will prioritize a smaller number of tournaments in 2019 in order to achieve better results, he added. Zeus CS:GO thinks that one of the reasons why Astralis was so dominant is a much better schedule. One of the NaVi’s goals in 2018 was to become number 1. However, they didn’t manage to do that as Astralis crushed the field.

Daniil Teslenko @ZeusCSGO Zeus CSGO Counter Striker Esports
Image source: twitter.com/ZeusCSGO

Daniil Teslenko explains that one of the reasons behind Astralis success is also their professional approach. As he says, NaVi failed to do their best in order to maintain professional approach during a whole season, and that’s why they remained number two at the end of the year. However, a Ukranian player thinks this was in fact very decent year for Natus Vincere. Indeed, he is right. The Ukranian team has nothing to regret. In most of the tournaments, they were part of a late phase of the event. They won four big titles and several second and 3rd-4th places. Zeus and company failed just in several tournaments. Also, they always had to face very strong teams in finals, so they really have nothing to complain about.

S1mple may leave NaVi next season

Zeus has a very good opinion about s1mple as a player. Truly, s1mple is one of the best CS: GO players ever. Fans just love him. Everyone is trying to imitate his game and style. Therefore, it is not a secret that many teams would like to have s1imple as part of the squad. Zeus said it would be good for NaVi that s1mple stay there. The Ukranian team would like to build a team around young Ukranian fellow. However, team captain says there is a real chance that s1mple may leave NaVi in 2019. Alongside s1mple, MiBR is interested in “flamie” as well. So, Natus Vincere will most likely stay without three great players next year. It will be a really tough period for them.

Daniil Teslenko @ZeusCSGO Zeus CSGO Counter Striker Esports Gaming
Image source: twitter.com/ZeusCSGO
Zeus CS:GO  is one of the 20 highest paid CS:GO players

Zeus has a rich career behind him. He has done amazing things with his former teams. Anyway, most of his achievements were accomplished in Natus Vincere. Thanks to his amazing results, he is one of the 20 highest paid CS: GO players.

Zeus started playing CS: GO professionally in Arsenal in 2002, but we have insufficient data about that period. In that time, esport still was undeveloped. However, Zeus then joined pro100 and won five Minors from 2005 to 2007. In 2007, he became the member of Virtus.pro. The Ukranian player had a good time there as he won six titles and recorded other good results. For some reason, Zeus changed several teams in 2009, and that was his worst season in the whole career. He played for pro100 again, forZeAmazing Gaming, DTS Gaming, and KerchNET. He didn’t achieve anything notable in that season.

Natus Vincere Daniil Teslenko @ZeusCSGO Zeus CSGO Counter Striker Esports Gaming
Image source: @BLASTProSeries Twitter

In 2010, Natus Vincere was formed, and Zeus was part of first NaVi squad. The first two years were very successful. Six Premiers, four Majors, one Minor and many other good places were won by NaVi in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 they finished tournaments in finals so many times, and in 2013 they had really bad results for their standards. In 2014, NaVi continued to play relatively bad, but they had several good events. Next year was better for Ukrainians as they won 4 Premiers. However, the beginning of  2016 wasn’t satisfactory for NaVi so they benched Zeus and signed s1mple from TeamLiquid. Zeus decided to join Gambit Esports.

Good time in Gambit Esports and a great finish of 2017

After Zeus joined Gambit, they recorded a couple of good results. They won DreamHack Winter 2016 and Acer Predator Masters S3. Next year was even better for Gambit. Zeus and Company won DreamHack Open Austin 2017. Afterward, they clinched the trophy in PGL Major in Krakow and earned $500.000 US. That was a great accomplishment for Gambit. NaVi noticed the good performance of their former player and acquired Zeus from Gambit. NaVi won DreamHack Open Winter 2017 as well as WESG 2017 Europe finals.

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