ECS S7 Group Stage: FURIA Eliminated Astralis, compLexity shocked MiBR

ECS S7 Group Stage FURIA Eliminated Astralis, compLexity shocked MiBR

The group stage of the first of two big CS:GO events in June featured two huge upsets. In ECS S7 Group Stage, FURIA eliminated Astralis and compLexity knocked out MiBR. Read more about these shocking results in this article.

Group A

FURIA eliminated Astralis on their favorite map

Prior to the ECS S7 Finals, Astralis’ form wasn’t very promising. On the contrary, their results, including the end of their streaks on Inferno and Nuke, told us that they were probably going to struggle at their first big event since IEM Katowice. Nevertheless, no one expected that Astralis were going to face an early end in the ECS S7 Group Stage. Also, no one expected that FURIA could eliminate Astralis.

Already in the opening round, it was clear that Astralis didn’t improve their form very much. In the game against FURIA, they were absolute favorites for clinching the opening match. In addition to that, they confronted the Brazilians on Nuke, the best map of Astralis. But the problem was that FURIA feels comfortable on Nuke as well.

Although gla1ve and co. started off on a favorable CT side, they lost the first half with minimal advantage. Hence, things didn’t look so well for three-time Major champions. However, they bounced back in the second half to set the score on 14-9 and everything was looking fine for them. They should’ve finished off FURIA, and had a couple of good chances to do so, but FURIA didn’t give up. They eventually tied the score and in the 29th round, which turned out to be round of decision, KSCERATO and Xyp9x had 1v1 duel after KSCERATO took down dev1ce.

Despite Xyp9x’s incredible clutching skills, he could make it once again, so KSCERATO won the clutch and the most important round for FURIA. In the last round of the match, FURIA closed the match to make the first surprise of ECS S7 Group Stage.

Easy Ride for NRG

In the remaining match of the first round of Group A, NRG managed to overcome NiP on Train (16-11) after a comeback. Hence, the second round of Group A featured duels between FURIA / NRG, and Astralis / NiP.

Both NRG and Astralis had a relatively easy job. NRG bested FURIA on Train (16-13) and Nuke (16-9), and Astralis dominated NiP on Inferno (16-5) and Overpass (16-6). So, the last match of Group A was set between Astralis and FURIA for the second time in ECS S7 Group Stage.

Same Opponents, Same Map, Same Outcome

The match kicked off on Astralis’ pick, Inferno. Like everyone expected, Astralis was dominating the field and quickly managed to achieve 14-5 lead. Hence, it appeared to be an easy leg for the Danish team. But, they allowed FURIA to make things more dramatic. FURIA won seven rounds in a row to heat up things a little bit. However, Astralis eventually put the game to bed by clinching the last two rounds.

On the second map (Mirage), FURIA played much better as it was their map pick. They showed good performance especially on CT side where they conceded barely three rounds. Even though dev1ce had the best rating by far (1.49), FURIA won Mirage with score 16-10.

Consequently, the winner was to be decided on Nuke, the same map where two teams faced each other in the initial match. Astralis started off both pistols rounds successfully, but FURIA surprised them by constant force buy rounds. They barely had eco rounds. Moreover, they managed to “steal” round from Astralis with weak buy many times. Danes tried to respond in the same fashion, in which they succeed to some degree. At one point, Astralis was leading 10-6, but FURIA again didn’t throw the towel in.

They fought back and set the score on 14-11 in their favor. Afterward, gla1ve and co. won two rounds in a row to place themselves in a good position for the end. Furthermore, in the 28th round, Astralis had a 2v1 situation. KSCERATO was the only man left on the Brazilian squad, and he managed to find the first kill from the top of Silos outside. Danes dropped the bomb and dev1ce had to recover it from a very difficult position with low HP. But, then KSCERATO decided to jump off the Silos, which put him on low HP as well and almost killed him. However, it turned out to be a great decision as he took down dev1ce to earn match point.

In the last round, FURIA successfully finished off Astralis for the second time in ECS S7 Group Stage. As a result, FURIA eliminated Astralis from the event and advanced further to Play-off together with NRG Esports from Group A. Dev1ce and dupreeh again performed the best, but FURIA still eliminated Astralis who continued their bad streak.

FURIA Esports ECS CSGO 2019
Source: ECS

Group B

Team Vitality cruised through the initial meeting

Opening matches of Group B saw two completely different games. A duel between Team Vitality and compLexity ended with the one-sided scoreline, and match between MiBR and North finished after 48 rounds.

The initial match between Team Vitality and compLexity took place on Dust 2, where Vitality feels much more comfortable. Accordingly, despite losing five out of seven opening rounds, the French squad dominated compLexity in both halves. The first half ended with scoreline 10-5 for Team Vitality. In the second half, compLexity didn’t even reach double digits as they lost 16-9 in the end.

North outlasted MiBR after 48 rounds

In the other opening match, we saw the most epic battle of ECS S7 Group Stage. MiBR faced North on Inferno as the clear favorite. But it seems like recent roster changes that North made resulted in much better performance by Danish squad. In “regular time” the match had two incredibly CT-sided halves. North started well as they successfully planted the bomb in the first two rounds and defended it until the explosion. But, it was actually the only two times in the whole first half that North put a bomb down. In all remaining 13 rounds, MiBR ended as the winner by eliminating the whole T side, excluding the last round of half when North managed to clinch one more round.

Therefore, after such one-sided half, it didn’t look like North was capable of making a comeback, especially considering that MiBR entered the second half with two won rounds. So, the score was 14-3 for MiBR at the beginning of the second half. But, North did unimaginable as they won ten rounds in a row, and eventually took the game to Overtime after saving two match points as well.

The first two Overtimes weren’t enough to get the victor, so the game entered into third Overtime. There aizy stepped up with 1v3 clutch in the 46th round to deny new match points for MiBR. North eventually concluded the match with three rounds in a row to successfully kick off ECS S7 Group Stage.

North topped the group, compLexity stunned MiBR

ECS S7 Group Stage was full of upsets and surprises. Not only that Astralis didn’t manage to get through to Play-offs, but their main rival at this event failed to advance further as well.

In the elimination match of Group B, MiBR met compLexity. Before the match, no one saw how possibly compLexity could beat MiBR. Regardless, after the first map, the upset became more than real. The elimination match kicked off on Train, the map picked by MiBR. Anyway, compLexity completely destroyed Brazilians on their own map pick. The NA team showed incredible T side as they won 12 out of 15 rounds there. In the second half, compLexity allowed MiBR to win just one more round. So the match ended with a scoreline 16-4.

MiBR bounced back on compLexity’s pick, Vertigo. It seems like compLexity practices on a new map a lot, but they failed to clinch the second map against MiBR. FalleN and co. won Vertigo with score 16-9.

Therefore, the things moved to the final map, Mirage. Brazilians were in the driver seat at the beginning of duel (7-1), but momentum then went on compLexity’s side. They won 10 out of the following 11 rounds. The rest of the match was intense as it could go either way, but compLexity prevailed to shock MiBR and CS:GO community. The squad with not so much success knocked out MiBR already in ECS S7 Group Stage.

Before this match, North managed to beat Team Vitality to top Group B. They won in three map series on Nuke (13-16), Inferno (16-11) and Dust 2 (16-7).

CompLexity failed to proceed to Play-off

Apparently, compLexity didn’t have enough energy to pull out two upsets in one day. After they stunned Brazilian squad, compLexity lost to Vitality in a convincing manner. Team Vitality bested compLexity on Dust 2 (16-13) and Nuke (16-8) to reach Semi-final of ECS Season 7 Finals.

As a result, Team Vitality is meeting NRG Esports and FURIA is facing North in Semi-finals. The winner of these two matches will play for the title in the Grand Final on Sunday.

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