ECS Season 7 Champions: Team Vitality


The first big CS:GO event in June finished with Team Vitality winning their third LAN title this year. Vitality outplayed FURIA in the Grand Final to become the ECS Season 7 Champions. Read more about their path below.


Vitality’s comeback on Overpass

In the first Semi-final of the ECS Season 7, Vitality confronted NRG Esports who topped Group A. The action started on Overpass, the map picked by Vitality. However, things didn’t go smooth for the Frenchmen, especially in the first half on the CT side. Although Overpass generally favors the CTs, Team Vitality struggled to defend from NRG’s good attacks. Even though the eventual ECS Season 7 champions won the first pistol round, NRG managed to put a bomb down, which gave them bonus money and more options in the following round.

Accordingly, they clinched three rounds in a row. Vitality responded in the same fashion by winning three in a row on their own. However, after that, the car started going downhill for NBK and co. so NRG ended the first half with a convincing lead (10-5).  The ECS Season 7 Champions had a difficult job to recover from such a position, but they immediately stepped up and opened the second half in a much better way. Eventually, they set the score on 13-11 in their favor. In the remaining six rounds, both teams had their chances to close the game, but it eventually entered in Overtime.

ECS Team Vitality 2019

Already in the first round of Overtime, Vitality’s best player, ZywOo, saved the round by winning 1v3 clutch. Later on, NRG failed to win a single round in Overtime, which resulted in Vitality securing the first map (19-15).

Domination of Vitality on Mirage

The second leg in the match between NRG and the eventual ECS Season 7 Champions took place on Mirage. Even though NRG picked that map, and despite Mirage being one of the worst Vitality’s map in terms of statistics, the French squad showed the incredible game in the second leg. Vitality kicked off on T side and won the first half with score 9-6. Although their T side didn’t look as smooth as it could be, Vitality’s CT side was unpenetrable.

When teams switched sides, NRG barely won one single round until the end of the match. In the last few rounds of the match, NRG tried to rush B hoping they can catch Vitality off-guard, but that just didn’t happen. NBK concluded the match by winning a 1v2 clutch in the post-plant situation.

FURIA beat North in a tight match

Although FURIA didn’t drop a map in Semi-final, their meeting with North could easily go either way on both maps. The match began on Inferno, FURIA’s map pick. It turned out to be a good choice for them as they opened the match with seven rounds won in a row. North didn’t completely fall behind as they cliched five rounds in the first half, but FURIA ended it with much favorable score for them (10-5).

Nevertheless, Danes didn’t give up and they eventually tied the score (11-11) but failed to accomplish a complete comeback. FURIA closed the first leg with scoreline 16-11.

Things then moved to Overpass. This map was very turbulent and neither team managed to hold momentum on their side longer than a few rounds. The Brazilians ended the first half on CT side with the score 9-6 in their favor. However, North had an equally successful CT side, so they took the game to Overtime. The first Overtime wasn’t sufficient to decide the winner, so the game went into the second Overtime.

In the first round of the second Overtime, arT stepped up and held A bathrooms completely on his own with an AWP. He got an Ace to kick off the second Overtime in the best possible manner. Afterward, FURIA managed to successfully close the game with final result 22-20, to book a meeting with Team Vitality in the Grand Final.

Grand Final – FURIA didn’t stand a chance against Vitality

The Grand Final of ECS Season 7 didn’t bring to us excitement that we expected. Given that both FURIA and Vitality are upcoming teams and both are in great shape, we expected to see a big fight and much tension. But something completely opposite happened. Besides the fact that we could see Vertigo as the eventual third map (on top of that, Vitality was the one who banned Nuke instead of Vertigo, which meant they were ready to play on it), and besides few good displays, we only saw the clinical game of ECS Season 7 Champions who just outclassed and outplayed FURIA.

Although FURIA’s style is counter to teams whose playstyle is structured, the Brazilians couldn’t do much against Team Vitality. FURIA had a decent T side on Inferno, but they still lost the first half 8-7. When both teams switched sides, Vitality just kept outplaying FURIA. They capitalized on the fact that FURIA’s CT side is not as good as it can be. Hence, they allowed FURIA to win just two more rounds up to the end of the first map.

Things looked even more painful for FURIA on Overpass. Vitality didn’t give them any breathing space and it was so hard for FURIA to play the game. As a result, FURIA ended up losing the game with the one-sided result, 16-4. ZywOo from Vitality even didn’t have to do anything spectacular. His teammates were doing just fine and he was doing his part of the job. Apart from a few good shots, including collateral double kill in A bathrooms on Overpass, ZywOo didn’t really carry Vitality as some people expected.

In the end, Vitality clinched ECS Season 7 Finals, which is their third LAN title this year, after Charleroi Esports and cs_summit 4 and the first big title in their short history. Also, this triumph over FURIA was kind of revenge as FURIA knocked out Vitality in Quarter-final of the previous event at DH Masters Dallas.

The domestic crowd was particularly happy because of ALEX from Team Vitality who was the only British player left after compLexity dropped out. ZywOo claimed his second MVP award for his outstanding performance throughout the whole event.

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