ECS Season 7 Qualifiers Kick Off – Rogue beat Team Liquid

ECS Season 7 Qualifiers Kick Off - Rogue beat Team Liquid

ECS Season 7 Qualifiers kicked off in Europe and North America. On the first day of these two online events, we witnessed one big surprise when Rogue defeated Team Liquid. Here’s what happened at the Esports Championship Series Qualifiers.

How do teams compete to reach the offline ECS event?

ECS Season 7 includes only squads from NA and Europe. Therefore, there are ECS North America Qualifier and ECS Europe Qualifier. Each Qualifier features 8 + 3 teams. Those teams will play five Online Series from the 11th of March to the 24th of May with breaks in-between Series.

Every online series has a $25,000 prize pool. There are two ways to qualify for the main event. The first one is to win one of the first three Series, and the second one is to have the most winnings among other non-qualified teams. Therefore, the main event which will take place in London will feature eights squads competing for the trophy.

When it comes to the format of the Online Series, it’s very simple. Eight teams who did the best at the previous LAN event will play B03 matches in a Single-Elimination Bracket. If one of the starting eight squads don’t want to play the Series for some reason, one of three teams from a previous event or Challenger Cup comes in a place of the starting team.

ECS Season 7 Qualifiers – Europe: Convincing victory of Astralis

In the Quarter-final of the first of two ECS Season 7 Qualifiers, Astralis met French Team LDLC. During map selection, Team LDLC decided to ban Inferno instead of Nuke. Although Astralis is equally good on all maps, it’s not obvious why LDLC didn’t ban Astralis’ best map. Consequently, Astralis’ first pick was Nuke.

The game kicked off on LDLC’s pick, Dust 2. The Frenchmen started very well, clinching pistol and second round. However, Magisk had a quad-kill on B site during Astralis’ eco round. Firstly, he killed three opponents who were rushing through a tunnel. Then, he ended up in a 1vs1 situation against matHEND and won that duel. Young Magisk repeated a similar scenario in the following round taking three frags on bombsite B defense. Astralis gained momentum which was on their side up to the end of the first half.

Astralis Player At Esports CSGO Event
Image source: Astralis Twitter account

Team LDLC tried to mess up Astralis’ winning streak with three rounds won in a row, but that was basically the last thing we saw from Team LDLC. Astralis finished the match in a convincing manner winning five out of the last six rounds setting the final result on 16-7.

As everyone expected, the Danes just cruised to the first ECS Season 7 Qualifiers win on Nuke. Team LDLC couldn’t stand a chance against Danes as they won only four rounds during the entire leg.

AVANGAR upset North, FaZe overcame

Astralis’ next opponent will be AVANGAR who surprisingly defeated North. It seems like the beginning of 2019 is something that North would definitely like to forget. North somehow choked the leg on Overpass after 12-3 advantage on half-time. AVANGAR literally didn’t allow the Danes to win a single round after side switch. It was a big letdown for North squad.

However, North prevailed in the close leg on Inferno. The final scoreline was 16-14 in North’s favor, even though AVANGAR was a leading team after 26 rounds. The final leg took a place on Mirage when Jame from AVANGAR crushed the field. He ended the match with 30 kills, 4 assists, and 11 deaths. On top of that, he was undoubtedly dealing the most damage per round (120) among all players. North didn’t succeed in stopping Jame, so they lost on Mirage with ending result 16-8.

In the third Quarter-final, NiP triumphed against forZe pretty easily. Ninjas in Pyjamas secured points on both maps at the end of the first half. The result before side switch on Train was 13-2 in NiP’s favor. On Dust 2, forZe won two more rounds in the first half, so the score was 11-4. F0rest and company didn’t allow forZe to make a comeback on either of these two maps. The most interesting detail from the match was definitely f0rest’s 1v2 clutch on Train in 21st round when he ended forZe’s winning streak.

FaZe avoided loss versus started the match against FaZe in a great way. Although FaZe was an absolute favorite, crushed them on Train winning that leg with score 16-5. FaZe couldn’t find an adequate response to the great game of MICHU and snatchie who were leading the game with their AUGs. NiKo and company bounced back on Inferno defeating Poles 16-9.

On Cache, FaZe didn’t play so great. GuardiaN and AdreN were specially under-performing. Anyway, like many times, NiKo was there to carry his team with some amazing displays. One of those incredible plays came in the 25th round when he won a 1v4 clutch on bombsite A to earn a match point. NiKo also had another two quad-kills and one triple-kill. Fortunately for his team, NiKo’s astonishing individual performance was sufficient for FaZe Clan to proceed to Semi-final.

ECS Season 7 Qualifiers – North America: Rogue upset Team Liquid

Team Liquid came to ECS Season 7 Qualifiers after winning iBUYPOWER Masters IV and reaching Quarter-finals of the first Major this year. Therefore, nitr0 and co. were favorites in the match against Rogue. The first map of the match was Rogue’s pick, Nuke. Team Liquid started the game in good fashion winning the first half 9-6.

However, Rogue didn’t give up. Vice and his teammates were dominant as T side. They let Team Liquid win just three rounds in the second half. Vice had a rating of 1.52 after a good performance on Nuke.

Rogue Esports Team at CSGO Professional Event
Image source: Twitter IEM

Teams then moved to Dust 2, where Team Liquid demolished Rogue. In the third round, nitr0 was waiting on Mid with his AWP. Rogue players tried to rush mid through Mid doors. However, they didn’t realize that EliGE was waiting on CT spawn with AUG. As a result, EliGE came out from the engagement with four AUG kills. That made a job for Team Liquid much easier in the rest of the match. So, the second leg finished with ending scoreline 16-6 in Team Liquid’s favor.

The last map was Overpass. NAF had some nice plays, but it was insufficient for Team Liquid to win that map. Liquid had an early advantage after the first five rounds (4-1), but then Rogue finally stabilized their economy. The score at half-time was 8-7 in Rogue’s favor. Team Liquid tied the score in a second pistol round, and that was the last round they won in the match. Rogue won the remaining eight rounds to shock Team Liquid and advance to Semi-final of ECS Season 7 Qualifiers North America.

Luminosity won Brazilian clash in the Overtime

We saw one pretty intense and close match-up in second Quarter-final of the ECS Season 7 Qualifiers North America. Luminosity Gaming met INTZ eSports. The overall impression is that INTZ was playing better in that match. Luminosity was more determined to win the game. kNgV- from INTZ had a good time on Dust 2.

First of all, he had three AWP kills in the ninth round on the bombsite A defense. Luminosity tried to rush through Catwalk, but it proved to be unsuccessful. Eight rounds later, kNgV- won the clutch on bombsite A, eliminating LUCAS1 and steel. The peak of his performance came in the 22nd round when he had an AWP Ace. While his teammates were taking control over undefended B site, he sniped down all members of the enemy’s team on Mid. His play helped INTZ to win the first leg 16-7.

INTZ again had a big advantage after 12 rounds (10-2). Nevertheless, they somehow dropped a big lead. On the contrary to the previous map, kNgV- had the worst performance on Cache. That definitely had an impact on the final outcome.

The final map (Train) was full of upsides and downs. In the beginning, Luminosity won six rounds in a row making things for INTZ hard to fix. Regardless, INTZ then went on 10 rounds winning streak setting the scoreline on 12-8 in INTZ’s favor. kNgV- again was performing better than anyone else. Teams then split the following 4 rounds, so INTZ was just two rounds from Semi-finals. But, Luminosity was the team who first came to match point, so the INTZ had to fight for Overtime. They accomplished that task and the game went into Overtime. In the end, Luminosity won the match and advanced to Semi-final.

NRG will face compLexity

In the last two Quarter-finals of ECS Season 7 Qualifiers, compLexity and NRG secured spots in Semis versus eUnited and Spacestation. compLexity was on the edge of elimination in the second leg against eUnited. Given that eUnited won the first map (Nuke) 16-11, compLexity needed two wins in order to stay in the game. The situation was very bad for them as they were losing 14-11, but n0thing and company found their way through.

After the second leg, the momentum was on compLexity’s side who cruised through Overpass (16-6) to Semi-final. There, they will face NRG who didn’t allow Spacestation to even hope for something. On both maps, Spacestation started well, but NRG both time bounced back mercilessly. So, we will watch another interesting duel in Semi-final of ECS Season 7 Qualifiers.

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