ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1 Recap [CS:GO]

ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1 Recap [CSGO]

The first phase of the ESL Pro League Qualifier Group Stage came to the conclusion with eight teams securing their spots at the main event. In this article, you can read a brief recap of Group Stage Round 1.

ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1 Recap [CS:GO]

Europe Division – Group A and Group B

Two diverse European teams managed to top Group A and Group B after winning all nine points. Mousesports finally recorded a good result this year. Considering that they didn’t qualify for the Major, karrigan and co. desperately needed one good event.

Although North and OpTic Gaming are two strong opponents on paper, mouz pretty much dominated them on all maps with an exception of Dust 2 when they lost to OpTic with score of 16-4. But, they successfully overcame the underdogs ex-Space Soldiers in the first round as well as two mentioned teams, so they topped the group with 9 points and secured a spot in France.

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(source: Liquipedia)

OpTic finished the group in second place as they defeated North (19-16, 9-16, 16-11) and ex-Space Soldiers (16-6, 16-10). Another Danish team, North, joined them in Group Stage Round 2 after beating ex-Space Soldiers (16-13, 16-11) who ended ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1 without winning a single map.

In Group B we witnessed one big surprise. Ninjas in Pyjamas failed to even reach the second round of the Group Stage. They unexpectedly lost to devils after the intense and tight match (16-13, 10-16, 19-17). As they didn’t manage to exceed expectations versus FaZe Clan, beating them (16-14, 16-4), their victory over Heroic was insufficient to advance due to the tie-breaker rules even though they had the same number of points as Heroic and devils.

OpTic Gaming VS NORTH Esports ESL Qualifier 2019

FaZe defeated all teams, which brought the spot at the main event to them. In the last match of Group B, Heroic overcame devils (14-16, 16-13, 22-18). The outcome of that match basically knocked NiP out of the whole event.

Group C and Group D

We witnessed one big surprise in Group C as well. Before Group C kicked off, NaVi was a big favorite for winning it. However, they failed and G2 topped the group after beating Fnatic (16-11, 19-17), Windigo (20-22, 16-13, 16-4) and NaVi (16-14, 11-16, 16-9). Fnatic managed to defeat Windigo only, and it turned out to be sufficient for third place.

In the other group, everything went as expected. Although Astralis won two matches versus ex-3DMAX and HellRaisers smoothly, BIG ended their Inferno streak and almost defeated them on Overpass. But the Danes stepped up and they didn’t allow the German team to beat them.

The highlight of this group also was pretty decent run of new HellRaisers squad. This newly-formed team bested both ex-3DMAX (16-10, 16-6)and BIG (9-16, 16-8, 16-8). It was enough for them to finish the group in second place.

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Americas Division – Group A and Group B

Teams on the other side of the world played the ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1. We didn’t see any particular surprise in Group A and Group B.

NRG Esports topped Group A thanks to tie-breaker rules considering they had the same number of points as eUnited and Renegades. Daps and co. won two first matches against INTZ (16-9, 16-9) and eUnited (16-13, 16-9) smoothly. However, they failed to accomplish a 100% win rate as Renegades defeated them (16-12, 14-16, 16-3).

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The Australian team (Renegades) previously lost surprisingly to eUnited (16-6, 16-9), but then bested INTZ (16-9, 16-13). In the last match, eUnited beat INTZ, which resulted in Renegades winning the second and eUnited securing the third place.

In Group B, Team Liquid was winning their games quite dominantly. Firstly, they dismantled Lazarus on Nuke (16-2) and Overpass (16-4). Afterward, they lost on Cache to compLexity (16-12) but demolished them on Dust 2 (16-2) and Inferno (16-3). In the last match, they successfully overcame Ghost to secure the first place in the group. Also, that was the only loss of Ghost who previously beat compLexity and Lazarus.

CompLexity somehow secured their spot in the second phase of the Group Stage after beating Lazarus in a tight match (19-17, 16-13).

Group C and Group D

Group C featured perhaps the strongest teams on paper. Two Brazilian squads, Luminosity and MiBR, met each other already in the first round. The outcome was unexpected as Luminosity defeated FalleN and co. with ending score 2-0 (16-7, 16-8). Luminosity then lost to Cloud9 after three maps being played but defeated Team Envy to top the group due to tie-breaker rules.

Other two teams (Cloud9 and MiBR) had the same number of points when the group concluded. After losing an initial match, MiBR overcame Cloud9 andGroup Team Envy pretty easily. Also, besides beating Luminosity, Cloud9 also beat Team Envy. So, the former Major winner (Team Envy) finished the group in the last place.

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Group D of ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1 featured four Latin American teams. Hence, it was the weakest group among all groups at ESL Qualifier Group Stage Round 1. The Brazilian squad, DETONA Gaming dominated the field by winning all three matches. In their last match against Denial Esports, the first map (Overpass) went to Overtime four times, which is very rare to see at LAN events. In the end, DETONA prevailed (28-24) and then secured the second map as well.

The Argentinians (Isurus Gaming) won the second place after besting Denial and Infinity. Infinity Esports secured the third place after overcoming Denial Esports.

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