Esports Championship Series Season 8 – What You Need To Know For Week 4 [CS:GO]

Esports Championship Series Season 8 - What You Need To Know For Week 4 [CSGO]

The ECS is the largest non-publisher funded CS:GO league which is presented by FACEIT. ECS Season 8 is already underway, with games already in place since late September. There’s a total prize pool of $750,000 which is broken down to $250k for the regular season, and $500k for the finals; all being taken place at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Regular season is currently in week 4 and here is everything you need to know to be up-to-date with season 8.

 ECS Season 8 Week 4 Matchups

After 3 intense weeks, the teams have now moved into week 4. Sixteen teams continue to compete for a spot in the ECS Finals. The groups are broken down between North America and Europe.  Here are the matchups for week 4:

North America: 

  1. Team Liquid vs. ex-Singularity
  2. INTZ vs. Cloud9
  3. ATK vs. eUnited
  4. Riot Squad vs. compLexity


  1. Astralis vs. m1x (17:00 CEST)
  2. vs. FaZe (17:00 CEST)
  3. North vs. BIG (20:00 CEST)
  4. Heretics vs. Tricked (20:00 CEST)

The matches can be watched through FACIT’s Twitch channel and also through their Caffeine channel. The matches start at 8:00am PT/11:00 am ET/5:00pm CEST. Each week holds $25,000 in prize pool. Here is the breakdown per week:

  • 1st Place – $12,500 (the final 3 series winners get a spot in the finals)
  • 2nd Place – $7,500
  • 3rd Place – $2,500
  • 4th Place – $2,500

The winners of each of the last three brackets will get an invitation to the ECS Season 8 Finals, which will conclude next week in week 5.

To get tickets for the finals, you’ll need to visit the official ECS FACEIT ticket page here. There are three ticket tiers: General Admission which will set you back at $25, however, it grants you entry to the Finals in Arlington. Premium tickets get you closer to the action guaranteed for $50. Lastly, there are student tickets which is 50% off at $12.50.

The finals will be held between Nov 30th to December 1st at the Esports Stadium.

Full tournament info here.

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