The Esports Historian Mocks FaZe Clan’s In-Game Leader. NiKo Responds.

The Esports Historian Mocks FaZe Clan's In-Game Leader. NiKo Responds.

The Esports historian, Duncan “Thorin” Shields posted something very provocative on his Twitter account. Thorin mocked FaZe Clan, however, the best player of the European team NiKo didn’t stay silent as he responded to Thorin. What does this all mean? Find out below.

Who is Thorin?

Duncan “Thorin” Shields is one of the best-known figures in CS:GO. Although Thorin himself hasn’t ever turned pro, his knowledge about CS:GO and other Esports games is very extensive and deep. He probably can pull out some information from the event that was played three years ago without a problem. At the moment, he works as a writer of Esports articles. Also, he occasionally takes part in Broadcasting of CS:GO events as an analyst or commentator.

In addition to all said, Thorin is very active on his Twitter account and he publishes videos on his YouTube channel very often. Also, he used to write articles about his own CS:GO rankings and many fans referred to them. However, despite being a respected Esports historian and CS:GO expert, Thorin tends to be very provocative on his Twitter account.

His thoughts and statements are often very controversial. Hence, Thorin often roasts CS:GO teams and players and he draws a lot of attention to himself. Recently, he acted in a similar way when FaZe Clan dropped out of ESL One Cologne so early on.

Thorin mocked FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan had huge problems to maintain consistency in the past 6 to 7 months. Their best result at big events was the Semi-final of DreamHack Masters Dallas. At ESL One Cologne, FaZe failed to reach even Play-offs for the third time this year. The board of the club saw their problem in NiKo being In-Game Leader. So, they signed Counter-Strike veteran and legend NEO. However, the results haven’t improved so much.

So Thorin decided to use an opportunity to mock FaZe Clan. He said that “FaZe must be glad they got rid of that washed up ex-1.6 player who was struggling to call good T sides.” referring to their former player karrigan. But, the thing is that NEO also used to be a legend of CS 1.6, and he also struggles to make good T-side calls. The best player of FaZe Clan, NiKo Kovac didn’t want to stay silent, so he responded to Thorin.

He asked him if he was glad to be back to the Tier 1 event. Apparently, NiKo was referring to the fact that Thorin hasn’t been on Desk since the StarSeries in April this year. So it was a burn that Thorin probably didn’t expect.

But Thorin was the one who said the last words in this heated conversation. He said that NiKo should look at the bright side of the situation. The “bright side” is that Bosnian player now can play together with coldzera but in FPL. In this way, Thorin managed to roast MiBR who dropped out as well. Will this start a new trend of players standing up against Thorin and his ruthless comments? We shall see.

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