Everything You Need To Know About The Cache Rework In CS:GO

Everything You Need To Know About The Cache Rework In CSGO
  • The Cache rework looks promising, and we are loving every bit of what the iconic CS:GO map has to offer in the coming months.

Everything You Need To Know About The Cache Rework In CS:GO

ESL One New York saw a pretty one-sided finale where EG defeated Astralis with a 3-1 score, securing the cup and the first place. Even though the tournament didn’t give us an astounding finale, it did reveal the Cache rework for which we all have been eagerly waiting for. Cache is one of the most iconic maps of CS:GO, so the hype is obvious. This map is one of the few maps that have been put in the game which were created by the community, and it has only seen minor changes over the years. The artists behind the original map Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo and Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling are also behind the complete makeover. They even showcased the entire map during the revelation in the tournament.

The Big Reveal

A show match was conducted at the tournament to reveal how the new gameplay in the Cache rework would look like. It was sort of similar to an all-star game where big shots like Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik, Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub,  Nick ‘nitr0’ Cannella played and showcased the pro-level gameplay expected on the map.  There has been no tentative date set announced for the map to arrive in the official active duty group, but on October 10th it will be playable through the workshop.

So, with few days remaining before the release, let’s take a look at the aesthetical and major gameplay changes the Cache rework will bring along with it.

Looks and Design

The new-look has been inspired by Chernobyl, portraying the scenario that is visible after the abandonment. It is now very vibrant with the addition of lots of green overgrowths all across the map, making it much more bright, lively and a nightmare for players with green crosshairs. Jokes apart, it looks beautiful, and we can see clear visual upgrades and certain changes across the map which will probably change the style of gameplay that we had been used to.

de_Cache Rework Design
Source: Valve
cache rework design CSGO
Source: Valve Corp

The huge red container on Bombise A has now been changed into an armored military vehicle to be visually appealing. New boxes have been added at a few places along with new floor design, a protruding symbol in Sun Room which was previously just painted on the wall. A big communist symbol has also been added on bombsite B to make Caches’s backstory relatable to the real life. The squeaky area on bombsite area received some tweaks.

An insane play done by Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was commemorated by inserting a badass graffiti just below the heaven area in bombsite B, but after the rework, it is nowhere to be seen, addressing which s1mple tweeted “Graffiti removed, time to get a new one”.

Major Edits and Changes

‘Quads’ is on of the most tactical spot on bombsite A. Now, after the Cache rework, it can be exploited through utilities, especially more advantageous for the CT side to retake the site, all because of the big wall behind quads which has been removed. The new cache has given priority to players who like to play in an aggressive manner by introducing many self-boosts across the map. Players can now self-boost themselves on the checkers box and anti-boost spot in mid. Also, two new spots have been introduced to gain an angular advantage in bombsite B. One right above checkers entrance where a lamp has been placed, and the other above the headshot is where a platform has been placed upon which players can jump and camp.

A new window has been added to the Z-connector as part of the Cache rework which is massively advantageous for the Cts’. Previously the peak area could easily be smoked, but now even after smoke, a peak spot will be left open. Terrorists will have to smoke twice or come up with a better strategy now to effectively push and take control of the mid area.

CTs’ can now see terrorists passing from default area on A site to quads while trying to retake or camp from the truck area. This change will definitely level the playfield while playing A site because previously it was very difficult to retake the same.

Our Thoughts

The Cache rework will compel players to bring out a new style of gameplay; this update is not just to renovate the area but to alter the playstyle that has existed since the inception of the map. Not everything could be shown in the showcase match, so we should be expecting creative smokes and nading spots overtime when it will be finally made available to the community. Now pushing sites and taking control of areas will require much more team coordination for the terrorist’s side as many new vulnerabilities have been added to the map.

This is all for the overview of the much-hyped Cache rework. We can’t wait to get a hands-on experience on the new map, tell us what you feel in the comments below.

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