Fastest CS:GO Round Win Ever? Team CR4ZY Wins in 7 Seconds

Fastest CSGO Round Win Ever Team CR4ZY Wins in 7 Seconds
Source: Twitch

The Serbian CS:GO team, Valiance, who rebranded themselves to CR4ZY, has won one of the fastest, if not the fastest CS:GO round ever at the Europe Minor Closed Qualifier against Nordavind. The whole round lasted only for seven seconds.

Is this the fastest CS:GO round ever?

The fastest CS:GO round in big events so far has been the 14th round in duel between mousesports and FaZe Clan. This was at the ESL Pro League a couple of years ago that ended after just eight seconds. Interestingly, that round took place on Dust 2, the same map where CR4ZY and Nordavind played their match. In addition to that, the round that previously was the shortest one also took place on Dust 2. It was the 18th round between NiP and ENCE at Copenhagen 2014. Both rounds were won by T side, just like in the duel between CR4ZY and Nordavind.

It’s understandable that all fastest rounds have taken place on Dust 2 as it’s the map where two squads can face each other after just a couple of seconds. We can’t see such a quick battle on any other map.

Some people say that there have been even shorter rounds, but those rounds have been played in unofficial matches or at very small tournaments. So, the third round between CR4ZY and Nordavind is perhaps the fastest CS:GO round ever including only official matches.

Fast and beautiful at the same time

Not only was this round insanely fast, but it also was won in a very beautiful way. The whole Nordavind squad was on full eco as they didn’t buy anything except one deagle. So, they tried to surprise CR4ZY with mid-rush and potentially damage CR4ZY’s economy by taking down a few players. This tactic is something that we can often see in this kind of situations but it can end in a really embarrassing way just like it happened in this meeting.

Amazingly, four out of five kills were done by HE grenades, which is something that we can rarely see even in normal rounds. CR4ZY needed only seven seconds to win the whole round which possibly makes this round the fastest CS:GO round ever.

Before Dust 2, CR4ZY managed to beat Nordavind on their map pick, Vertigo. The game ended with a convincing result; 16-11. The teams then moved to Dust 2 where CR4ZY achieved an early advantage and eventually won the second leg (16-13). Their next opponent at Europe Minor Closed Qualifier is Heroic and the winner will secure the spot in Europe Minor and get the chance to fight for the place at the following Major in Berlin.

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