FaZe Niko Has a 1v5 Clutch in FACEIT Pro League Match. Teammates Are Left Speechless.

FaZe Niko Has a 1v5 Clutch in FACEIT Pro League Match. Teammates Are Left Speechless.
  • FaZe Niko pulled an incredible 1v5 clutch in a CS:GO round during a FACEIT Pro League Match. Watch Niko keep his composure while winning the round.

What Is The FPL Circuit?

With many tournaments throughout the year, one might be confused what tournament they are watching. Is it a major? Is it a qualifier? Well, some players might be confused when they hear about FPL matches. The FPL is the FACEIT Pro League, and has been around for 3 years. Essentially, the FPL is where professional players play with upcoming talent. Written on the official FPL website:

“Today, the FPL Circuit is a system of inhouse leagues which offer the best competitive pugging experience for different audiences and gives them a straight path of qualification to the FPL.”

Professional players and high tier players are invited to play against and with their level and higher/lower. The circuit was offered in Europe first, and then was available for players in North America. Players compete for a small prize pool at the end of it. Although it’s common knowledge that FPL matches don’t hold the level skill as do official tournaments at IEM/ESL, they are still competitive, filled with talent upcoming stars.

FaZe Niko Gets A 1v5 Clutch

During one recent FPL match, FaZe Niko was playing with other talented players, specifically Shaney. Known as SHANEYTV on Twitch, he’s an example of a player invited to play in the FPL circuit because he’s above average in terms of skill, and it’s a chance for him to play with professional CS:GO players. Fortunately for Shaney, he was paired with FaZe Niko. Niko, who’s an in-game leader for FaZe Clan isn’t necessarily known to be a top slayer right now, however, Niko has the ability to pull off a win under any scenario, and he proved it during the FPL match.

Some might consider an FPL match to be a lower-tier “skilled-leveled” games, however, players who are invited to the FPL are very good, and it’s not like pros like Niko can have a walk in the park during these types of matches.

Or can they?

While Shaney was playing with Niko, there was a round where FaZe Niko was caught in a 1v5 situation. All of his teammates died, and he now had the task of killing all 5 opponents. As Shaney died last, Niko was all by himself. By the time Shaney focused back to the game, Niko had already eliminated three opponents. Then Shaney can be heard saying, “Oh my god, he’s won this.

Niko got another kill and that’s when Shaney knew that this was an incredible moment that he was witnessing live.

“He’s got so much time as well. There’s no f****** way. Is this another clip?

Then, with one player left in the game. Niko put on his spidey senses and was moving around slowly to see where the last player was. He spotted the last enemy across the map and made his way towards him for the round win. Regardless what type of match you’re in, whether it’s a public match or an FPL match, a 1v5 clutch is impressive and FaZe Niko showed why he’s a pro.

At the end of the round, ShaneyTV was in awe, and couldn’t believe what he saw. It was a great moment and one of the reasons why FPL is great as players looking to go pro can witness amazing plays like this one.

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