Gob b Retires From CS:GO

Gob b Retires From CSGO esports

The captain and In-Game Leader of BIG, Fatih “gob b” Dayik retired from CS:GO esports as he stepped down from the active roster of the German CS:GO team. However, his chapter in BIG is not over yet as he is going to fulfill a different role in the German Esports organization.

A long and successful career of gob b

Even though he is 32 years old, and despite the fact that his Counter-Strike career lasted for more than 10 years, gob b played only for several CS:GO teams. Excluding his beginnings in relatively unknown teams, gob b only played for four different CS:GO teams.

He stepped on the big stage in the jersey of mousesports in 2007. He was part of this team all the way up to September 2014 when he moved to Team ALTERNATE. However, his path in ALTERNATE lasted only for 3 months as he returned to mousesports the same year. He spent 2015 playing for mousesports and then joined NRG Esports in 2016.

Finally, at the beginning of the next year, gob b joined the new-founded team, BIG. Since then, gob b stayed loyal to the new-formed German CS:GO team, and recorded some decent results there.

The most success gob b had with mousesports in CS 1.6. With his team, gob b won some big events such as Intel Extreme Masters II, IEM III Global Challenge Dubai, IEM IV Global Challenge Gamescom, IEM IV European Championship Finals, and played Grand Finals of many other events.

The CS:GO career was less successful for Counter-Strike legend, but he still had some great runs with BIG. With BIG, gob b played Quarter-final of Majors twice and won Europe Minor Krakow. Additionally, gob b played the Grand Final of the prestigious event, ESL One Cologne 2018, where his team lost to NaVi.

Future for gob b in BIG

Although gob b retired from CS:GO as a player, he will stay part of BIG. The CS legend will try to help BIG as a kind of manager where he can fully express his great leading skills. This way, some younger player who is in great shape can take over IGL role and help BIG. At the same time, gob b will be there to help the German team to find the best possible players for the team.

All these changes come naturally to BIG given that the last six months were really disappointing for them. They failed to qualify for Major and didn’t play Play-offs of big not even a single time. In his announcement of retirement, gob b thanked all his fans for the great support and asked them to keep supporting BIG in this tough period for the German team.

“I hope you understand that I want to have some time for my family and friends, before I take on my new role in BIG, which all these years came definitely too short. Of course I will always stand behind the team and hope for your support. We had a disappointing six months, but right now, we need you more than ever. We will do everything we can to improve ourselves, but we need you, to do it #gemeinsam.” (source: BIGCLAN official website)

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