How Does New CS:GO Update Affect The Game?

How Does New CSGO Update Affect The Game

Valve has just released a new update that introduced unranked Matchmaking to the game and several changes on Vertigo. How does new CS:GO update affect the game and what are the aftermaths that we can expect?

Thoughts on unranked Matchmaking

Although unranked Matchmaking is something that many CS:GO fans were eagerly waiting for, no one thought it was going to include only three maps. Since the early days of CS:GO, the game had different modes. Players could choose if they want to play Competitive, Casual, or Deathmatch mode. With new operations, new game modes were introduced to the game, but neither managed to overshadow Competitive mode. Not even CS:GO survival mode, Danger Zone, could draw more players than Competitive.

The problem with Casual mode was that it just wasn’t fun enough. Simply, not so many players find 10v10 Best-of-15 games interesting. Moreover, friendly fire is off and you can literally go through your teammates. So, we can say that Casual mode is just too much casual for CS:GO players and fans.

The famous YouTuber and Streamer, WarOwl was also criticizing Valve’s Casual mode and he suggested that they just should make the game Best-of-20, but everything else should stay the same.

Valve didn’t shorten games in unranked Matchmaking, but indeed everything else stayed the same except for the thing that it doesn’t affect your rank. Therefore, it seems like unranked Matchmaking would be the first mode that has the potential to overshadow Competitive, only if it included more than 3 community maps.

At the moment, unranked Matchmaking is just a perfect way to explore new maps and check them out. But, if Valve decides, for any reason, to add more Scrimmage Maps to unranked Matchmaking, it can draw a serious number of players from the main CS:GO mode. So, we would be in a situation where we would have to wait dozens of minutes in Matchmaking lobby.

Will Vertigo be more playable after changes?

At the moment, it’s hard to answer this question as no matches have been played on Vertigo after the update. The games on FPL and ESEA are not the best indicator of the level of Vertigo’s competitiveness. We need to wait for the next big event (Major), to see how does the new CS:GO update affect the game and Vertigo. Only the professional CS:GO scene is a good place to see how certain maps are going to be played out, and how good they are.

Although not competitive enough, in Matchmaking, Vertigo is one of the most fun maps to play. Everything happens so quickly, and we engage in so many duels. Because of close ranges, the aim doesn’t have to be at the highest level possible, which favors low-skill players. However, the problem with Vertigo is not Matchmaking games, but official matches.

Even though we didn’t have a chance to watch Top Tier teams on “new” Vertigo yet, we will try to break down changes after the update and see if it’s going to be better or worse.

Did the adjustments fix Vertigo problems?

In order to figure out is Vertigo going to be more competitive after the update, we need to address its problems first. The problem obviously was a big advantage that T-side had because CTs couldn’t fight over map control and couldn’t get almost any information. On top of that, Ts could easily occupy bombsites and then they had an easy post-plant game.


What has Valve done about this? Well, they moved T-spawn further back which means they need more time to get to certain points of the map. This will definitely encourage CTs to be more aggressive and fight over particular map areas such as A-site ramp and B-site stairs.

They also make Ts’ approach to B-site harder by adding longer stairs. Also, Valve made small position changes on B-site itself, but nothing significant enough.

Anyway, developers also added a new option to T-side as well. Now, they don’t have to go for “leap of faith” as one-way Elevator got changed by Ladders. Hence, they have much more options now, which is definitely a positive addition to the map.

leap of faith as one-way Elevator got changed by Ladders
Source: Valve

Indeed, Valve didn’t fix the biggest problem, bombsites themselves, but maybe they didn’t even have to change them much. Now, CTs can play more aggressively with less risk due to new spawn timings. So, Ts still can have an easy post-plant game on A site, but it will be harder for them to conquer it in the first place.

New update definitely added some useful things to the new map, and the game on Vertigo will not be the same for sure. But only the future will tell if this CS:GO update will affect the game in a good or bad way.

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