How to Get from Silver to Global in CS:GO

How to Get from Silver to Global in CSGO
  • Some players have hundreds of hours on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and still they can’t move away from Silver. Although ranking up from Silver to Global requires some practice, there are some very useful tricks that can make that path a lot easier. If you struggle with your CS:GO rank, you should definitely read this article.
How CS:GO ranks are working?

It’s not completely clear how CS:GO rankings work as Valve never revealed the whole truth. However, we know that few things definitely have a crucial impact on player’s CS:GO ranking. The first and most important factor is the number of wins. As long as you are winning matches, you can only improve your ranking. But that is apparently not the only factor that players’ ranking depends on.

There is something called ELO. That is basically the number that determines our rank. But, for some reason, Valve doesn’t show us our ELO. We can see only our ranks. Therefore, there is the theory that players get more ELO points when they beat teams with higher ELO. Hence, if you want to get from Silver to Global faster, you need to beat better teams.

CSGO Ranks Silver to Global Esports ELO
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It’s also possible that players’ individual performance affects our rank, but we cannot be 100% certain about it. So, for example, if you planted the bomb and there is only one CT left, chasing him could be a good idea if you want to get from Silver to Global faster. The primary focus has to be on winning rounds considering that final outcome depends on that.

Play with the same people more frequently

There is no clear sign that the way you match-up with other players has an impact on your rank. Accordingly, it’s better to play with people you know, and you get used to playing with than with complete strangers. The luck factor has always been very important in Solo Q matches. Sometimes you get incredible teammates, and the rest of the time you end up with flamers or terrible players.

Therefore, the best solution for that is to play with the same team always. Of course, it’s not always possible, so you should better learn how to get the best from Solo Q matches.

CS:GO is about teamwork

CS:GO is a team game with five players per team. So, it’s not always about 1v1 aim duels and unbelievable displays. Truly, extraordinary individual performance is helpful, but most of the time one player cannot beat the whole team. CS:GO helps players to improve their reflexes, muscle memory, and sight but it also helps them to improve their social skills.

If you flame and blame others, it won’t help the teams cause. You’ll just make your teammates angry and resentful. And their already bad game will become even worse. By flaming and blaming others, you create a bad atmosphere within the team and that’s a terrible thing in CS:GO.

On the contrary, your goal has to be building good chemistry in the squad from the very beginning. If your teammates don’t know what to do in the game, give them instructions and take leadership, but don’t be bossy. When your teammate makes a mistake, be supportive to them. When they toss a nice frag, be cheerful, and say loudly that it was a nice play. Making jokes and using humor could also be a good way to establish synergy with your teammates. Most of the time, the lack of team chemistry stops players from moving from Silver to Global.

Focus on the main objectives

There are few ways to win a round in CS:GO. However, the main objectives are clear for both the CT and T side. Counter-Terrorists must not allow C4 to either explode or get planted. On the other side, the Terrorists’ goal is to plant a bomb and deny any retakes.

Hence, your team needs to exploit all resources in order to complete these objectives. Kills and fancy moves are sporadic parts of the game. The best example of that is Astralis. So many CS:GO fans think that Astralis is boring because they narrowly concentrate on winning matches. Nevertheless, they are on top of the game.

Use microphone and headset as much as possible

Providing your teammates with information is one of the most important things in CS:GO. Unlike in MOBA games such as LoL and Dota where players can see the same map and have the same info, in FPS games, it’s impossible. Truly, there is a radar that shows us the position of our teammates and position of exposed enemies. However, when a player is in intense combat, he or she doesn’t have enough time to look at the radar.

Accordingly, you must give info to your teammates. More info equals better game sense. If you see opponent’s smoke say the position of smoke. If the opponent’s flashed you, also say it. Info is not only about saying: “It’s B” or “It’s A”. This game is much more complex than that, and those small details matter.

In addition to that, you need to learn how to use sound in your favor. When you hear opponents moving, reloading or shooting that can help you to get the exact position of the enemy. That can be very useful when you have to clear corners, or when you are trying to shoot opponent through a wall. But notice that your movement also makes sounds. Hence, use walking instead of running whenever enemies are nearby. Don’t reload if it’s not necessary.

Lower mouse sensitivity and reduce the size of the crosshair

These tips will improve your aim drastically. One of the things that you just have to improve in order to get from Silver to Global is your aim. The best way is to practice as much as possible, but these tiny things have a big impact as well. Everyone who wants to rank up from Silver to Global needs to have absolute control of their crosshairs. That implies low mouse sensitivity and a big mouse pad.

Have you ever watched pros PC setups? If you have, you definitely saw huge mousepads. There is a reason for it. When you are in close combat, you will definitely get killed if the opponent starts running towards one side. Without enough space for your mouse, you simply cannot chase him, and eventually, your mouse will get stuck in your keyboard.

Another important thing is to not have a big crosshair. Here applies the rule the smaller the better. If you are not willing to set your own crosshair attributes, you can use one of the professional CS:GO players’ crosshairs. Here is an example of good crosshair settings:

cl_crosshair_drawoutline “1”
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness “1”
cl_crosshairalpha “800”
cl_crosshaircolor “2”
cl_crosshairdot “0”
cl_crosshairgap “-1”
cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue “0”
cl_crosshairsize “3”
cl_crosshairstyle “4”
cl_crosshairthickness “1”
cl_crosshairusealpha “1”

You just need to paste this to your console, and you’ll get a fresh new crosshair. These are the settings of dev1ce from Astralis.

Learn maps’ callouts and get used to all competitive maps

CS:GO maybe doesn’t have dozens of champions as Dota and LoL have, but it has more maps. The first thing you need to learn if you want to get from Silver to Global is callouts. Each map has multiple parts, and those parts have its own names. In CS:GO, those names are called callouts. Some of the most common callouts are Long, Short, Mid, A site, B site, T spawn, CT spawn, Heaven, Connector, Banana…

CSGO competitive maps layout esports

For sake of practicality, you have to learn these callouts in order to communicate with your teammates more efficiently. Also, if you want to get from Silver to Global, you need to get used to maps as much as possible. Learn the most common camping spots, angles, and corners. Learn prefire spots and practice as much as you can. After enough practice, you’ll get a sense of the game for that particular map. You’ll know how much time you need to get from point A to point B, and that’s a very important aspect of the game. In addition to that, learn which walls are penetrable, and which are not.

Buy utility and learn how to distribute money throughout the match

The utility is definitely one of the most important aspects of the game. Knowing key smoke and fire spots are crucial from getting from Silver to Global. There are plenty of workshop maps that help us to practice utility usage. Use those workshop maps and you’ll see a big improvement in your game. Suddenly, you’ll start winning multiple matches in a row.

CSGO Weapon Smoke Grenade Esports

On top of that, you need to know when to call eco round. Not buying anything is essentially giving up the round, but that is a long-term investment. Remember that you don’t need five defusing kits on the CT side. One kit per bombsite is enough. Plus, there is no point in buying a helmet if the opponent’s team have AKs or AUGs. Simply, if AK or AUG hit you in the head, a helmet won’t save you. That’s wasting of valuable $350. For that money, you can choose from Flash, Explosive Grenade and Smoke. Just one of those grenades can win you the round if properly used.

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