How To Use A Decoy And Is It Worth Buying It?

How To Use The Decoy And Is It Worth Buying It
Source: Valve

The Decoy is considered to be one of the most useless things in CS:GO. Almost no one buys it. However, we are going to talk about how to use decoy and if you should buy it at all.

What is a decoy, and what is its purpose?

Decoy probably was one of those things in CS:GO that was a great and well-conceptualized idea. Developers generally did a good job by making so many weapons relatively useful. Even shotguns that were not used as much in the past got their place in Meta nowadays. Believe or not, we even saw the Negev in a match between MiBR and Team Liquid on Vertigo. However, the Decoy is rarely seen in official matches.

Source: Valve

Nevertheless, the concept of having fake grenade that costs only $50 is very intriguing. With that price, the Decoy is basically free. Besides the fact that we can buy “throwable object” that cannot inflict any damage immediately, we can also use a Decoy for making fake sounds. When the players throw Decoy it will imitate the sound of the best weapon of the thrower (primary or secondary). After 15 seconds it explodes and inflicts up to 5 damage to players that stands very close to Decoy. So, technically, you can take a kill with a Decoy, but odds for that are almost none.

In addition to all said, the decoy will appear on the opponent’s radar as a target, so it can always be kind of distraction for them.

How to use the Decoy?

Fake Flashbang

One of the best ways to use a Decoy is to use it as a fake Flashbang. Even for professional players, it’s hard to distinguish Decoy from Flashbang, especially when they have to do it in a split of a second. Hence, when you throw Decoy, opponents will instinctively look away and you can use a chance to take an easy frag.

Whereas on some occasions you need to wait for Flashbang to flash opponents, Decoy allows you to attack right after you threw it. So, this will give you even more time and even bigger advantage over your opponents. Of course, there is always a possibility that your opponents will not fail for this trick, so you can easily look silly.

Also, it’s not recommended to use this tactic against AWPers as they often decide to not look away. On the contrary, they wait until they get blind and then just pull off the trigger hoping they can take a random kill. So, if you use Decoy as fake Flashbang, be aware of the big possibility of failure.

Fake eco round

If you didn’t have an idea of how to use a Decoy, you should definitely try out this tactic. Although this will hardly make any difference in lower ranks of CS:GO, it can be beneficial in high-quality games. As said, Decoy imitates a sound of the best weapon of the one who threw it. Anyway, only weapons that thrower has in his “inventory” counts. So, before throwing Decoy, you should drop your primary weapon on the ground. When you throw a Decoy, just pick up your weapon.

If you do everything correctly, you can easily trick opponents into thinking that you are on eco round for some reason. Of course, make sure that they don’t see Decoy as it would make things obvious for them.

Delaying bomb plant or stopping defusing

Here is another interesting idea on how to use Decoy. Truly, this tactic perhaps has the least chances of working. But if you already bought Decoy, there is nothing you can lose if you try it.

If the clock is ticking off and T-side is running out of time, you can try this interesting trick to delay a bomb plant and decrease their chances to put a bomb down on time. You can simply throw Decoy on site where they cannot see it. If there is only one man left on T-side, he will get nervous as he would be in a rush. Hence, instead of putting a bomb down on time, he can easily try to clear all corners first. If you are lucky enough, when he realizes that you tricked him with Decoy it’s going to be too late.

You can use Decoy on T-side when it comes to defending the bomb, but it perhaps has even less chances of succeeding. As Decoy explodes after 15 seconds and delivers 5 points of damage, you can try to throw it on the bomb. If CT player who defuses the bomb is very low, Decoy can finish him off and win you the round.

Fake target and position

In lower ranks of the game, the Decoy can be very effective when it comes to tricking CTs into the early rotation. This can be especially useful on maps where you can throw almost all nades from T spawn such as Mirage. For this tactic, your whole team should buy Decoys. Then, throw it close to one site but make sure that opponents don’t see Decoys. Then, rush into the other site and if you are fortunate you will have a free site open for business.

On the CT side, you can use Decoys to deceive Ts so they think you have one more player on the certain bombsite. In rounds when you have only two players left, this can be very useful as they may think that they have a free bombsite on the opposite side of the map. Therefore, they will rush into that site without checking any angles. Your teammate that is defending that site can easily catch them off-guard and win the round for your team.

Is Decoy worth buying it?

To make a long story short, the answer is – no. It’s not true that Decoy is completely useless. As you could read, there are many different ways to use Decoy. Many of them can easily succeed. Plus, the Decoy costs only $50 and you don’t risk anything if you buy it. Thus, if you have $50 in the last round of the half and you have one free slot for nade in your inventory, you should buy Decoy. You may use it or not, but there is no reason to not buy it in the last round.

Nevertheless, buying Decoy in ordinary rounds is not the most clever idea. Even though you know how to use Decoy, you can spend those $50 or that nade slot in a much better way. Those fifty dollars can make a difference when you don’t have enough money to buy AWP. Also, it’s ridiculous to spend nade slot for Decoy when you can buy a real Flashbang.

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