How to Win Most of the CS:GO Aim Duels

How to Win Most of the CSGO Aim Duels Esports
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  • The aim is the most important thing in CS:GO, alongside game sense and communication. While game sense refers to preparation, aim refers to execution. Here are a few tips on how to win most of the CS:GO aim duels.
How to Win Most of the CS:GO Aim Duels

The best ways to practice your aim:

Game sense and team communication is something that comes after hours and hours of playing. Simply, it comes naturally to you, and you can’t really practice it. On the other hand, the aim is completely the opposite of game sense. The only way you can improve your aiming skills is by practicing it as much as possible.

How to win Aim Duels (CSGO Academy)

The skill level of your aim depends on the development of your muscle memory. If a player wants to gain muscle memory, he needs to repeat the same movement over and over again. However, if you want to win most of the CS:GO aim duels, you’ll need to find the most effective way of practicing.

Learn and practice spray control

The biggest difference between CS:GO and other FPS games is most likely spray control. In other shooter games, the bullet will land where you want. You just need to aim at your target and shoot. Therefore, the reaction and accuracy are only things that matter in other FPS games when it comes to aiming. However, that’s not a case in CS:GO.

In CS:GO, each weapon has its own spray pattern. If you look at those spray patterns, you’ll see that in every case bullets will start going up and from one side to another after a few shots. So, most of the players just pull their crosshairs down and hope they’ll hit a target. Or they prefer to shoot just one round per time. Both ways are wrong.

What you should do is enter the “Practice against bots” match and kick all bots (bot_kick command on console). Then, you should input the command for infinite money in the console, so you can buy any weapon you want. Here is what commands you need to use:

sv_cheats 1;
mp_maxmoney 65535;
mp_startmoney 65535;
mp_afterroundmoney 65535;
mp_restartgame 1;

Then, shoot the wall and see what is the spray pattern for that particular weapon you are using. Afterward, shoot the wall just once and slowly increase the number of shots by one. Your goal is to land all bullets at the same point on the wall. You should keep doing it until your spray control gets accurate enough.

Sometimes, taps and burst fire are better options

Although most of the time you’ll need to use spray, taps, and bursts are just better in some situations. For example, AK-47 is the best for using taps and burst fire. The advantage of taps and burst fires is that they are easy to control. Burst fire means that you are shooting 2-3 bullets per time. When it comes to AK-47, those 2-3 bullets will land almost at the same point.

When you should use taps and burst fire instead of spray?

In the situations when your opponent is far from you, it’s always better to use taps and burst fire. If you use the spray, it is going to be very hard to control it on such a long distance. If you want to better your chances to win most of the CS:GO aim duels on long-range, there are two very important things you should do. We already discussed these two things in our article How to Get from Silver to Global in CS:GO.

Lower your Mouse Sensitivity

If you can’t control your crosshair properly, you can hardly shoot accurately, especially when your opponent is far from you. Therefore, it’s not enough to only lower mouse sensitivity in-game, but you also need to turn off mouse acceleration in Control Panel (for Windows users). That will give you full control over your mouse and crosshair.

Make Your Crosshair Smaller

For example, if you play Long on Dust 2 and your opponent is completely on the other side of Long, he is going to look like a dot to you. He is probably going to be bigger than your default CS:GO crosshair. Therefore, you need to make your crosshair as small as possible if you want to win most of the CS:GO aim duels. You can find instructions for customizing crosshair in the article we mentioned above.

Practice Prefire

Prefire is something that comes with game sense but also can be practiced. One of the reasons why you are not winning most of the CS:GO aim duels is because the enemy waits for you around the corner and you are not ready for him. That’s what utility is for. However, even if you use utility, there will still be angles that you must check. And that’s part of the game you should practice in order to win most of the CS:GO aim duels.

You can practice it on an empty map using already mentioned commands. However, that would be too confusing and inefficient. Accordingly, you should install one of the workshop maps that allows you to practice those things. You can find some of the best workshop maps on CS:GO steam community. Some of those maps allow you to practice spray control, reaction time, taps and other things as well.

CSGO Empty Map Practice Air Firing Esports

The goal of prefire practice is to learn the most common spots where enemies are hiding. You should clear those spots quickly receive less damage. So, the next time when the opponent pops out from nowhere, you will not be surprised. Also, remember that as further you are from the wall, the better angle you have. That means that you’ll spot your enemy before they spot you.

Win Aim Duels CSGO Gunfights Counter Strike

Learn how to peek properly

If you want to clear angles in the best way, you need to learn how to peek properly. Of course, it would be ideal if you could prefire every spot, but that is impossible. Sometimes, you need to stay silent, and other times you just need to save ammo. Therefore, peeking for information is crucial.

The most common mistake that players make is peeking too slowly or not peeking at all. If you peek too slowly, and the opponents will spot you first and you won’t even be able to see them. On the other hand, if you just rush in open space without peeking at first, you may end up fighting two or three enemy players. Of course, you’ll die in 1v3 duels.

If you want to win most of the CS:GO aim duels, you always need to seek a better position that favors you instead of your opponent. Shooting the opponent from behind is perfect, and there is nothing bad about that in CS:GO.

So, there are times when you just need to retreat as chances are not on your side. If you want to peek properly and see whether you should engage in a fight or run away, you need to do it the following way. Firstly, make a quick shoulder peek. That means that you are exposing just your shoulder, so if the enemy manages to shoot you, you won’t receive so much damage. Also, you will know that the area in front of you is not clear.

If nothing happens, you can try to repeat shoulder peek once again. Then you are free to peek fully and getting visual info. However, you need to do this quickly as well. Afterward, pursue according to the info you got.

Sometimes, the movement is the difference between winner and loser

As you can see, accuracy and reaction time are not the only things that determine your aim level. If you want to win most of the CS:GO aim duels, you should also learn a few movement patterns. Remember that you get the most accurate spray if you are standing still. Nevertheless, that makes you an easy target to hit. Therefore, you need to learn how to move in the way that allows you to shoot accurately and still not be an easy target.

That’s why you need to practice counter-strafing. Strafing in FPS games is when the player is moving constantly left and right. Counter-strafing is when you instantly stop at one place for a moment. That’s a perfect moment when you should pull the trigger as your aim is the most accurate at that moment.

However, you need to continue moving quickly after burst because you don’t want to get hit by an opponent. Also, try to be as unpredictable as possible. If you use the same movement pattern over and over again, the enemy will catch you easier.

One of the most common mistakes players makes in terms of movement while shooting is that they instantly crouch. Indeed, crouching helps you to aim better in CS:GO, but it makes you so easy to hit. Also, once when you crouch, if you don’t kill an enemy you are done. Crouching is a good option to use occasionally for the sake of unpredictability. But if you want to win most of the CS:GO aim duels, avoid constant crouching.

Play deathmatches

In the end, all practice will be in vain if you don’t implement what you learned in real situations. Deathmatch is the best environment for sharpening and practicing your aim. There, you’ll have dozens of aim duels per match. Hence, you’ll see your aim works against real players. Don’t bother yourself if you die, just focus on frags and winning most of CS:GO aim duels.

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