How To Win Wingman Matches [CS:GO]

How To Win Wingman Matches CSGO Guide
Source: Valve

The Wingman mode came together with Operation Hydra to CS:GO in 2017. Since then, it remained the part of the game with its own ranking system and with thousands of players playing it. Here, you can read some tips on how to win the match in Wingman.

Why you should play Wingman more often?

Although Wingman is a relatively popular CS:GO mode, many players just ignore it and play other modes instead. Of course, nothing can replace 5v5 competitive CS:GO, but Wingman can be very fun and playing it has some benefits.

As it features 2v2 matches on shortened versions of maps, it depends a lot on players’ game sense. Hence, if your game sense is not that good, playing Wingman is a good way to improve it. Plus, you will not get irritated by your teammates with poor skills as your game has a much bigger impact on outcome in Wingman than a standard 5v5 competitive game.

Also, Wingman can help you to focus more on your own game and to become more aware of angles and positions.

Should you buy utility in Wingman?

Absolutely. Even though utility loses some weight on shortened versions of maps, it still has a big impact on the game and it will definitely help you to win the match in Wingman. It seems like a utility has less importance on CT side, but on the T side, it’s mandatory. Without utility, you just can’t win a game, especially on maps such as Nuke, Overpass, and Shortdust. Smokes can be very useful on both sides but in a different way than in regular matches.

Counter Strike CSGO Lake
Source: Valve

On maps that are specially designed for Wingman (Lake, Rialto, Shortdust) smokes can help you to plant and defuse the bomb easier. Nevertheless, you can use them in other ways as well. They are always good for blocking pathways and vision and for extinguishing the fire. On the other side, you can use the rest of the utility in the usual way.

Should you play eco rounds in Wingman?

This is a very tricky question. Considering that SMGs are very effective in Wingman, it’s questionable if you should just force buy or save the money for better weapons. Nevertheless, the basic rule of CS:GO is to always strive towards the best possible buy. Hence, if you lose the pistol round, you can force buy in the second round, but you must save in the following round in case of loss in the second round.

Simply, if you constantly play with SMGs, you will always be in a worse position than your opponents. That’s something you want to avoid if you want to win in Wingman as much as possible.

Weapon choice

As said, SMGs seem to be very useful in Wingman games thanks to a number of close angles. So you can buy UMP and MAC-10 or MP9 (depending on side). Those weapons are cheap and very deadly in close-range fights. Of course, p90 is the best SMG, but it’s too expensive. So, it’s not recommended to buy this weapon.

When it comes to Riffles, you should always buy AKs and M4s. You can also buy AUG and SG but only on certain maps where you can engage in long-range fights. For example, the scope of these two weapons can be very beneficial on maps such as Rialto, Lake, Overpass (CT side), and Train. Anyway, it’s not recommended to buy AWP and Scout, unless you are very good with them. Simply, you will rarely get a chance to exploit the power of these two weapons.

Counter Strike CSGO Shortdust
Source: Valve

When it comes to pistols, there is no reason to upgrade them. As the maximum money is 8,000, you can easily run out of money because of the decision to upgrade pistol. Of course, it’s not so clever to upgrade pistols in pistol rounds as it’s very risky. Remember that losing pistol rounds will lower your chance to win the match in Wingman.

Don’t make noise and use your time cleverly

As there are many Wingman maps where you can flank opponents easily, make sure that you are walking most of the time. You have one and a half minute to plant the bomb and that’s a lot of time, especially on maps where you play only on one site.

How to coordinate with your teammate

There are several ways to play Wingman with your teammate. You can decide to play together and cover each others’ back. The way this strategy is useful is obvious. You can’t get flanked by your opponents’. It will make you feel safer and you will be able to focus on what is in front of you better. This tactic works the best on maps where there are multiple ways to approach bombsite. So, those are Lake, Shortdust, Rialto, and Train.

Anyway, you can choose to set up the crossfire with your teammate, which can also be a very good way to go. Maps that we didn’t mention have only two pathways to the bombsite, and it’s harder to get flanked by opponents there. So, you should use it and set up the crossfire for your opponents.

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