Is This the Smartest CS:GO Clutch Ever?

Is This the Smartest CSGO Clutch Ever

Currently, three ESEA Season 30 Online events are going on. In the match between Old Guys Club and iNTACT in Week 9 at ESEA Season 30 NA, SileNT performed probably the smartest CS:GO clutch ever. Later, Old Guys defeated iNTACT 16-11.

Current standings at ESEA Season 30 NA

ESEA Season 30 NA features 18 teams from different countries. However, three teams pulled out of the event due to conflicting reasons. Stay Frosty disbanded, and Fragging for Andy couldn’t replace the player who left them. The reason behind Forty Six and 2 withdrawal is unknown.

ESEA Season 30 NA Standings
Source: Liquipedia

At the moment, the Brazilian squad, FURIA Esports is dominating the competition with a perfect 17-0 score. They are followed by Bad News Bears, Spacestation Gaming, iNTACT, Team Singularity, Luminosity, Mythic, and Team One. These teams moved onto Play-off. Old Guys Club finished at 15th place. Therefore, they will not take part in Play-off.

We also know the pairs in the first round of Play-off. So, FURIA will meet Team One, and iNTACT will face Team Singularity in the first half of the bracket. On the other side, Luminosity is going to play against Spacestation and Mythic will fight against Bad News Bears.

The Smartest CS:GO Clutch ever?

In week 9, Old Guys met iNTACT on Inferno. CS:GO commentator and former pro, sgares decided to stream and play the Online game at the same time. He got killed by Shakezullah in apartments and left his teammate SileNT alone against two enemy’s players.

SileNT had to defend bombsite A alone against SwahN and Shakezullah. Of course, it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. Furthermore, clutches are always hard to perform. No one really expects of player to win 1vX duels, unless he is clutch minister Xyp9x. In those situations, it’s very important to stay calm and patient. Accordingly, you must not rush and be hasty. Whenever you are in 1vX situations, you need to take your time.

That’s exactly what SileNT did. As a result, he did perhaps the smartest CS:GO clutch ever. He started approaching the site from Arch side slowly and quietly. Then he reached the Graveyard in the same manner. SileNT quickly spotted the Terrorist with an AWP, but instead of shooting him he waited. He knew there were two Ts alive, and he knew that they were going to plant the bomb on A site. So, he was waiting for the second player. Obviously, his nickname isn’t SileNT for nothing.

Sgares knew what was coming and he knew that this was going to be presumably the smartest CS:GO clutch ever. SileNT was there all that time, and iNTACT players didn’t spot him. Finally, the second player appeared. He was about to plant the bomb, but SileNT quickly eliminated both SwahN and Shakezullah. His quick reaction and smart play helped Old Guys Club to win the match with score 16-11.

SileNT IQ 200 CSGO Clutch with Sgares Event ESEA Season 30 Esports

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