How m0xyy made $500 from a CS:GO Money Investment

m0xyy Explains How to Invest During CSGO Stream esports twitch
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If you think outside the box, there’s plenty of ways to make money on the side. If you are familiar with how the economy and finances work, you can make a quick buck. There are numerous ways to invest your money wisely, and popular streamer m0xyy gives us a great example of smart CS:GO money investment.

There are two types of money income. You go to work, punch your card and get paid hourly or on a salary. Another way is a little more attractive and perhaps easier to do on the side. You just need to be open-minded and do a lot of research beforehand. Investing money is one kind of making money on the side, and those who are good at it do it full time (called day traders). You just need some money(it depends on you how much you want to invest, or how much you have at the moment) and you can multiply your investments into the positives. Thanks to clever CS:GO money investment, m0xyy tenfold his money.

That sounds perfect. He basically didn’t put any effort and got a lot of money. This isn’t always the case, and many would consider m0xyy lucky as statistically new traders lose their money from their first trades. But in m0xyy’s case, he went in for a “long”, which means he invested his money and waited around 3 years before cashing out. Therefore, if you are in rush and need money quickly, this is not a way to go for you.

Thought eSports can’t be profitable for ordinary people? Well, m0xyy’s CS:GO money investment proves you wrong. He was kind enough to share his little secrets with his followers. As m0xyy said, he decided to buy Cologne stickers back in 2013. At that moment when he was 13, he gave all his money (50 bucks). Recently, m0xyy decided to sell those stickers and got $500 for them. It’s a really great CS:GO money investment.

You can apply this method to other situations which potentially can be very valuable. For sake of explanation, you should buy something that will one day have historical, cultural or emotional value. That’s the case with these stickers. When they were bought, they weren’t so expensive. However, after some time, they became souvenirs and more than that. A good example is classic cars that got so expensive, even though that’s not their real price. You can think of anything that can get the value after some time, but it requires research, which doesn’t guarantee a winning formula.

Take beanie babies for example. Little plush dolls that people thought were going to be collectibles. Everyone and their mothers were buying beanie babies. They turned out to be worthless in the end (no offense to beanie baby collectors!). Be careful about what you invest in! This post is not financial advice.

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