CS:GO Streamer Mariowned offers Emotional support

CS GO Streamer Mariowned

CS:GO is an iconic game with thousands of streamers on Twitch but Mariowned offers his viewers something different on stream.

They show us their games, fantastic moves and plays, interesting tricks and stories etc. However, one of the new streamers, Mariowned, offered Emotional support to his followers, and the clip quickly went viral on Twitch.

When we talk about Twitch streamers, we mostly talk about the most popular ones. We chat about what they did, said, how funny they failed and so on. However, these days, you can see that one of the most popular clips in CS:GO comes from a not so known streamer named Mariowned. At the moment, he doesn’t have so many subscribers, but we can notice that he had even less before his clip went viral. Fortunately, the reason behind the number of his followers increasing is of good nature.


When someone gets popular overnight, you’d said he did something stupid or something similar. However, Mariowned actually offered emotional support to his viewers. Furthermore, it shows us that CS:GO is definitely more than just a game. It connects people from all around the world and it is the main reason behind so many friendships. Moreover, CS:GO became a serious eSport with millions of players and millions of dollars floating around. So, next time someone tells you CS:GO is just a game, show him this article about Mariowned and his story.

Mariowned knows what loneliness means, he also wants to build a huge community

We can debate why Mariowned really wants to help people. Haters would say he is doing it just because he wants to become famous. It’s surely possible, but it’s not so likely that it is the only reason.

Mariowned admits he wants to build a big community, and there is really nothing bad about it. If you watch his stream, you will see that he says he knows what loneliness means. According to his words, he was in a tough situation and had no one to talk to about it. Therefore, he called his followers to talk to him about anything that bothers them.


Mariowned asked his viewers not to hold anything inside. We can notice he really speaks honestly, from the bottom of his heart. So, we can conclude he has good intention. This is a really beautiful thing to see, especially in a modern world when everyone only seeks money and fame.

People care about each other less and less each day. So, knowing that someone is there for you is very important, and Mariowned wants to be someone you can lean on.

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