Mousesports Sweep ENCE To Claim CS:GO Asia Championship

Mousesports Sweep ENCE To Claim CSGO Asia Championship

The action from the CS:GO Asia Championship did not let up in the last three matches of the tournament. Tyloo’s semis match against mousesports ended in a reverse sweep in favor of the Europeans. On the other hand, another explosive semis matchup set up a frag-filled grand final. After a close loss on the first map, ENCE dispatched MIBR to face off against mousesports.

In the grand final, mousesports’ Özgür “woxic” Eker and David “frozen” Čerňanský posted a 44 – 24 and 45 – 25 KD ratio, respectively. That’s insane! In contrast, the entire ENCE lineup posted a negative rating, with Sami “xseveN” Laasanen having the team-best 36 – 39. Mousesports’ stunning display of marksmanship snuffed out any chance of ENCE coming back in the series.

The game stayed relatively close early in the first map (Train). ENCE took the early lead on Train, 6-4, but mousesports fired right back with five straight rounds to steal the half. ENCE then used a clean pistol round to tie it up at 9 rounds apiece before mousesports took three of their own to retake the lead. From there, they utilized clean execute to win all but one of the remaining rounds.

On Inferno, ENCE once again used a clean pistol round to race off to a lead. It was more of the same from the last map, basically. The Finns scored five straight before mousesports came roaring right back into the game. Mousesports won eight straight rounds, completely putting off ENCE’s economy. Thankfully for ENCE, they managed to scrape by and win the final two rounds of the half.

ENCE and pistol rounds in this series. They certainly make the most out of those. Unfortunately, despite their magnificent opening rounds, they can’t quite prevent mousesports from winning their full buy rounds. Despite their opponents’ lead, mousesports went on to storm their way to the title, winning Inferno 16-11, claiming the CS:GO Asia Championship.

Woxic wins his first career MVP

It’s honestly a toss-up between him and frozeN. In the end, the tournament organizers decided to give it to the 21 year-old Turk. Thanks to his seven 1vX clutches in the tournament, mousesports managed to mount a comeback against Tyloo, allowing them to carry on the momentum into the grand final. Tyloo desperately tried to win their semis matchup on home soil. Unfortunately for them, it just wasn’t their day. Robin “ropz” Kool, frozeN and woxic delivered the pain to the Chinese quintet with a wonderful comeback.

Mousesports will face tougher competition from here on out. They will be playing in the ESL Pro League Season 10 – Finals in a week’s time. Expect woxic and the rest of his gang of misfits to bring their confident play against the likes of Astralis.

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