Is NaVi Zeus A Toxic Player?

NaVi Zeus is a toxic player

Something interesting happened during the match between Fnatic and NaVi at the EPL Qualifier. One of the observers commended Zeus from NaVi as a good teacher and good leader, but not as a friendly player. Does it mean that NaVi Zeus is a toxic player?

Zeus as a great leader

Zeus from NaVi is one of the oldest CS:GO players at the moment. His name actually became famous during the Counter-Strike 1.6. era. Zeus played for teams such as, pro100, forZe and also as a CS 1.6. player. His last CS 1.6. the team was Natus Vincere, the same team where he began his CS:GO career and where he spent the most of his career.

Zeus was the famous captain and everyone knew about his great leadership skills. However, when s1mple joined NaVi, there was no space for Zeus in the Ukrainian team. NaVi started using their coach as In-Game leader, so they didn’t need Zeus anymore. It was a really disgraceful move by NaVi as Zeus was a real legend even back then. That’s why no one can imagine that NaVi Zeus is a toxic player.

Zeus got his revenge

Zeus got his revenge in the best possible fashion. When NaVi released Zeus, he joined Gambit Esports, another Eastern European team. Of course, the Ukrainian player quickly gained the role of In-Game leader and he actually led Gambit Esports to the first and only Major title in Krakow, Poland. They came to the PGL Krakow Major as underdogs but eventually won the title beating even Astralis on their way to the Final.


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Later, Valve forbid coaches to lead their teams as IGL. So, NaVi decided to return the big legend, Zeus, back to their team. From that moment, he had a few arguments with s1mple, and one of the possible reasons is that NaVi Zeus is a toxic player. How do we know that? Well, we don’t, but ESL Pro League observers seem to know.

Zeus as a friendly player according to ESL Pro League observers

The primary job of a game observers is to catch all the best moments of the game. Nevertheless, they occasionally want to commend some players. In CS:GO you can commend a player for being a good leader, good teacher and for being friendly.

One of two observers (Esio and Jak3y) commended Zeus for being a good leader and for being a good teacher. However, they didn’t commend him for being friendly. That basically means that one of these two observers thinks that NaVi Zeus is a toxic player. Interestingly, neither has ever played together with Zeus, but they perhaps played a few unofficial games with him. Hence, they maybe know more than us.

Do good leaders have to be toxic?

We know that in order to be a good leader, you need to have certain skills and qualities. You have to be able to make decisions in a split of second and you need to know how to bear the pressure. In addition to that, there are other numerous characteristics that every good leader has to possess.

As we discussed, Zeus is definitely one of the best leaders in CS:GO. But is he one of those leaders who cannot put the line between leading the team and being bossy. That’s maybe why NaVi Zeus is a toxic player. He presumably has a hard time to distinguish these two things. Indeed, everyone who tries to lead a squad sometimes crosses the line and starts being bossy and toxic.

Regardless, there are countless examples where good leaders are not bossy. The best example is probably gla1ve from Astralis who almost never gets bossy towards his teammates. As all Astralis members say, gla1ve is always constructive and he never gets angry at his team. Although he is much younger than Zeus, maybe the player from NaVi can learn something from gla1ve.

NaVi has to play the second Group Stage

NaVi definitely didn’t meet expectations at the EPL Qualifier as they didn’t top the group. The French team, G2 Esports, managed to finish the Group Stage in front of Natus Vincere. NaVi successfully overcame Windigo Gaming, although the Bulgarian team was pretty close to winning the match versus NaVi.

NaVi then met G2 who also won the initial match against Fnatic. The Ukrainian team had a big advantage on half-time (10-5) on Nuke, but G2 made a comeback and secured the first map. NaVi bounced back on Train, but G2 concluded the match successfully on Overpass. So, NaVi’s chances to top the group was basically non-existent. Still, they played the last match against Fnatic hoping that G2 can eventually choke versus Windigo, but it didn’t happen.

NaVi won the first map (Nuke) but then lost Overpass. The map of the decision was Inferno, and Natus Vincere won that pretty tight leg with ending score of 16-13. As a result, they have to play the second round of Group Stage in order to try to secure the spot at the main event of ESL Pro League Season 9.

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