OpTic Outlasts Team Ancient To Win DreamHack Open Summer 2019

OpTic Outlasts Team Ancient To Win DreamHack Open Summer 2019
Source: Dreamhack

The domestic team, Ancient, failed to win the third DH Open event of 2019 in front of the Swedish crowd. In the Grand Final of DreamHack Open Summer 2019, OpTic bested Team Ancient to clinch their first title in this season.

Group Stage
Group A

The first group of the DreamHack Open Summer 2019 featured one big surprise. AVANGAR, who were favorites for topping the group, failed to reach Play-offs. Kazakh team managed to open the event with a victory over Winstrike team. They outlasted the Russian team in a tight game on Vertigo (16-14), where Jame played marvelously.

However, AVANGAR fell short versus Aristocracy as the Poles defeated them on Overpass in a close Winners’ Match (16-14). Jame was brilliant again. He ended the game with 34 kills and 86% KAST. However, his great performance wasn’t sufficient for AVANGAR to win the game. As Aristocracy dismantled Tricked Esport in the first match on Train (16-5), they advanced further to the Play-offs.

In the decider, Tricked Esport shocked and edged out AVANGAR on Train (19-17) and Mirage (16-14). In another tight matchup, Jame was the best player for Kazakh team, but sjuush from Tricked played the incredible game on Mirage. He finished the game with 36 kills, 6 assists, and 122 ADR.

Given that Tricked eliminated Winstrike Team previously, they surprisingly secured playing Play-offs.

Group B

Interestingly, both Grand Finalists of DreamHack Open Summer 2019 are coming from Group B. Both Ancient and OpTic Gaming were victorious in their opening matches. Ancient defeated CR4ZY in a convincing manner on Inferno (16-12) and OpTic bested Chaos with the same result on Mirage.

Hence, the Grand Finalists of DreamHack Open Summer 2019 met each other already in Group Stage. The game took place on Mirage and niko led OpTic Gaming to victory with a score 21/6/13 and 84% KAST. The game ended with result 16 in OpTic’s favor.

In the Elimination match, CR4ZY had a relatively easy job against Chaos. They were in control of the match almost throughout the whole two legs and defeated Chaos on Dust 2 (16-12) and Mirage (16-13). Therefore, CR4ZY had to play against a domestic team, Ancient, one more time in Decider.

This game featured the biggest comeback of the event. The Serbian team smoothly won the first leg on Train (16-6). On the second map (Inferno), they had seven match points to close the game and advance further. Nevertheless, on the wings of the domestic atmosphere, Team Ancient managed to take the game to Overtime. After two Overtimes, Ancient was celebrating the victory (22-20). The job, however, wasn’t done as there was one more map to be played (Nuke). Despite shaky beginning on CT side, Ancient performed very well on T side (16-10) to complete the comeback and eliminate CR4ZY after being 7 match points down on the second map.


Both Semi-finals of DreamHack Open Summer 2019 was quite interesting, but the second one was just epic. The first Semi-final kicked off on Train where Tricked managed to secure the map in very convincing fashion (16-7). Anyway, OpTic successfully bounced back on Mirage (16-11) and Nuke (16-12) with k0nfing performing at a very high level. His score after the whole match was 77/11/52, 69% KAST and 95 ADR. He helped his team a lot to reach the Grand Final.

In the other Semi-final, we saw one mad leg on Train between Ancient and Aristocracy. After clinching the first map (Overpass) relatively easily (16-11), Ancient had an opportunity to finish the job on Train. There, Ancient saved two map points and took the game to Overtime. However, one Overtime was far from enough for either team to conclude the game. So, we saw five Overtimes. The first four went pretty identical. The domestic team (Ancient) had a 2-1 lead at OT half-time and Aristocracy then bounced back. Regardless, in the fifth Overtime, Aristocracy put maximal effort into finishing the game. That’s what happened as they won all four rounds in the last Overtime to win their map pick (31-27)

It looked like a big fight affected Aristocracy more than Ancient in the last leg on Nuke. Aristocracy resisted solidly on CT side, but when teams switched roles, Ancient just crushed the Poles. They clinched the last map (16-11) to book another meeting with OpTic Gaming in the Grand Final of DreamHack Open Summer 2019.

Grand Final

The problem for Ancient in the Grand Final was that they finished their Semi-final match so much after OpTic Gaming. Note that Grand Final and Semi-finals were played on the same day. Given that Ancient played one really long leg (31-27), they were pretty exhausted.

The Grand Final kicked off on Overpass, Ancient’s map pick. However, OpTic was very dominant on the CT side, especially at the beginning of the game. Ancient managed to close the gap to some degree, but eventually, they couldn’t completely catch up. So, OpTic put the game to bed after 28 rounds (16-12).

The second map (Nuke) was more intense. At the beginning of the second half, Ancient had a big lead on T side (13-9). Things looked very good for the Swedes. However, OpTic managed to consolidate themselves on CT side and eventually they took a lead and ended the game with score 16-14 to win DreamHack Open Summer 2019.

OpTic Gaming DreamHack Champions of DHS 2019 CSGO Esports
Source: twitter.com/DreamHackCSGO

This is the very first title for OpTic Gaming as an organization since 2016 when their roster mostly had NA players. OpTic Gaming took $50,000 home, but they achieved something maybe even more important. Thanks to their success at DreamHack Open Summer 2019, they earned a spot in DH Masters in Malmö this year.

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