Original CS:GO Map Creator, FMPONE, Finished Cache Remake

FMPONE Finished Cache Remake [CSGO]

According to the most recent post of ESL CS, FMPONE finished Cache remake. The map is most likely ready to return to the Active Duty Map Pool.

A controversial decision by Valve

Great news is coming from FMPONE, one of the creators of Cache and the person who was working on the Cache rework recently. According to what we could see on ESL CS Twitter account, FMPONE finished the Cache remake as he went through all its parts.

As we all know, at the end of March this year, Valve removed Cache from the Active Duty Map Pool and added Vertigo in its place. This change shocked the CS:GO community, although some people from the industry, like SPUNJ, were spreading rumors that this was going to happen. Nevertheless, no one was really expecting that Valve was going to make Vertigo playable for the Major in Berlin. But, that’s exactly what creators of Dota and CS:GO did.

This wasn’t welcomed well by the community as Cache is one of the most popular maps, and Vertigo received countless critics. Regardless, many agreed that this was a good move by Valve because Cache didn’t see almost any updates and changes for a long time. Hence, it was a map that needed a remake that would make the map look fresh.

Additionally, Cache had a similar kind of problem as Vertigo, as CTs struggled to get valuable information. But nevertheless, it was more competitive than Vertigo by far.

However, Valve thought Cache simply needed a fresh new look. Therefore, they appointed one of the map creators, FMPONE, to do the remake of Cache.

FMPONE finally finished Cache remake

After months of waiting, FMPONE finally finished the Cache remake. Information about the progress of remake was leaking from time to time, and fans just couldn’t wait for the final version of Cache. They were so excited whenever FMPONE or ESL CS leaked image where we could see which areas were reworked.

ESL CS finally leaked the last image where FMPONE “checked” all parts of the map. This means that FMPONE finished the Cache remake and that we can expect a new CS:GO update very soon.

However, the question remains; will Valve remove Vertigo and add new Cache instead before the Major? Of course not. They put so much effort into making Vertigo work and they will not give up on that map. On top of that, even if Valve releases a new update with new Cache tomorrow, there are only a few weeks left before the Major kicks off in Berlin. That’s simply not enough for any team to prepare even though Cache is a familiar map to them.

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