PashaBiceps Shares Old CS:GO Secret Tactic

PashaBiceps Shares Old CSGO Secret Tactic
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Counter-Strike legend, pashaBiceps was streaming competitive CS:GO together with other pro players. During the game on Inferno, pashaBiceps decided to try old CS:GO tactic. At least pasha was claiming that it was a secret CS:GO tactic. 

CS:GO Secret tactic, or pure improvisation?

Pasha was playing a competitive match on the FACEIT server together with some pro players like hAdji, electronic, and ISSAA. The teams chose Inferno and pasha was on the CT side. PashBiceps smoked mid and asked hAdji from 3DMAX to boost him. At first, hAdji didn’t understand where he should boost pasha as it’s not so common to see players boosting each other on top mid.

Pasha then explained to him that he needed to boost him close. Afterward, pasha threw an incendiary on the Boiler room. Consequently, hAdji almost got caught by fire, but pasha calmed him down saying it was tactic. Perhaps, it was old CS:GO secret tactic, or it was just justification for pasha’s improvisation.

Pasha then noticed that Terrorists were close and left hAdji alone on top mid. Papito started retreating and it looked like that CS:GO secret tactic failed. Nevertheless, pasha managed to snipe down two Ts who were rushing A site from Apartments. So, pashaBiceps basically denied the opponent’s attack alone. He was claiming that it was a tactic, but according to his reaction, it was obviously his pure game sense.

You want to play like pasha? Be patient

Patience is a very important component of CS:GO. Therefore, if you want to perform at a high level, you have to practice it. Pasha provided us with the best example of how patience can be useful when you get in a tough situation. Unlike in the previous game, in this game “papito”, aka Pasha, was playing with complete strangers on Cache.

Pasha went to Garage on mid with his AWP hoping that he would snipe few CTs and eventually get control over Mid. He got flashed by opponents and suddenly got to a very awkward and unsafe position. He was asking his teammates for help as he knew that whole CT squad was approaching him. Fortunately for him, they didn’t check all corners and angles. As a result, they didn’t see him at all.

Instead of panicking and shooting the first player he saw, he waited for everyone to pass by. The next thing that pasha did was sniping down three CTs in close range combat with an AWP. Where most players would instantly start shooting behind the enemies as they pass by, Pash instead waited for all of the squad to pass by before taking action on his suprise attack. This showed his pure patience and composure. So, the next time when you get in a similar situation, remember what pasha did and try to do the same thing. Who knows, maybe you’ll get an Ace.

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