PashaBiceps Gets Toxic. Valve Bans Him Due to Team Kill.

PashaBiceps Gets Toxic. Valve Bans Him due to Team Kill.

PashaBiceps is legendary Polish CS:GO player who left a big mark in the history of this game. He is known for his humbleness and kindness. Nevertheless, pashaBiceps got toxic in his last game. Afterward, Valve banned him due to team kill.

How this could happen to papito?

There are so many legendary players in CS:GO. But, only a few are as humble and kind as pashaBiceps is. Although papito won our hearts a long time ago, the moment when he started crying during the trophy presentation in Katowice was just heartbreaking. If anyone had anything against famous Polish player, they definitely realized how big heart pashaBiceps has after first Major this year.

Also, you will rarely see pashaBiceps getting angry. Like many professional players, he manages his anger so well. Therefore, it’s completely unbelievable how pashaBiceps got toxic during his last stream. Usually, if Valve banned pashaBiceps, his fans would get mad at Valve. Regardless, it seems like the Polish player absolutely deserved a 24 hours ban this time. But, what actually happened?

Papito killed his only teammate

PashaBiceps was playing a Wingman match on Inferno. These matches feature 2v2 duels only on one side of the map. When it comes to Inferno, T side attacks A bombsite from Mid and Appartments. Everything else from standard 5v5 applies to Wingman matches. Therefore, teams can choose the same weapons, utility, and they use the same game economy.

PashaBiceps matches up with some random player who was absent from the game (afk) in the first round. Nevertheless, the Polish legend managed to win the first round alone. But, then pashaBiceps got toxic to some degree as he wanted to “punish” his sole teammate for being afk. As a result, he threw a Molotov and a grenade towards his teammate. Quickly after that, his teammate died in the game and Valve banned pashaBiceps.

The reason for Valve banning papito was a team kill at the beginning of the round. That usually happens when some player kills his teammates frequently. So, it is possible that former player did this before.

Pasha then said that he didn’t expect this to happen. He claimed that this was his first time to do such a thing. Although he wasn’t so happy because of what happened, he remained composed. He also asked his numerous viewers why they didn’t warn him that it is possible that Valve will ban him. Of course, that was just pashaBiceps’ joke as he knew that he made a silly mistake.

PashaBiceps Banned from Counter Strike CSGO by Valve

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