Pimp Celebrates His Birthday With “VAC Shot”

Pimp Celebrates His Birthday With VAC Shot

The Danish CS:GO player and broadcast talent, Jacob “Pimp” Winneche was born on 31st July 1995. This year, Pimp celebrated his 24th birthday with a VAC Scout shot during his stream.

Pimp is one of the most famous Danish CS:GO players who started his broadcasting career in 2017 fulfilling the role of an analyst. As a player, Pimp basically has been inactive since 2017. Since then, he took part only in four Show matches, that are not really official matches. Accordingly, we can consider him to be a retired CS:GO player.

He used to stream on Twitch a lot, but in last two years, he wasn’t so active there either. He also has his YouTube channel where he used to post his highlights. Pimp is also known for his countless failed tricks and tips. So many times, Pimp tried to show some trick to his viewers, but he failed. One of his most famous fails is his quick rush to Catwalk from T spawn. He tried this trick several times but didn’t succeed to make it work while streaming. Therefore, Pimp has become so popular on Reddit where fans made fun of him.

However, despite all these things, Pimp is a great CS:GO analyst. His analysis is always a good addition to broadcasts and we can always feel his presence at talent desk. Though, as a player, Pimp didn’t have so much success even though he was part of famous organizations such as SK Gaming, Team Liquid, and Team Dignitas. So, we can definitely say he made a better career as an analyst than as a player.

A special day for Pimp

Pimp was born 24 years ago in Denmark, so he just celebrated his 24th birthday. Of course, for CS:GO players, there is no better way to celebrate this special day than streaming.

It wouldn’t be anything unusual if Pimp wasn’t so lucky to hit some crazy shots. He had a Scout in his hands so he decided to hold Mid doors. The Dane managed to take two not-so-easy kills through doors. Anyway, these two weren’t suspicious as Pimp could clearly see his opponents. The third one, however, was completely in KQLY style. Pimp jumped and no-scoped T-player on Catwalk. Moreover, this was headshot through the wall. It really couldn’t get more suspicious than that.

Pimp just couldn’t believe what he did as he got stunned by what just happened. We can say that Pimp celebrated his birthday with “VAC shot” in the way. But, of course, this was just a lucky shot and perhaps “CS:GO’s present” for Pimp for his birthday.

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