S1mple Performs Ultimate A-Site Fake

S1mple Performs Ultimate A-Site Fake

During s1mple’s last stream, he had a lot of fun in his FPL games. Like always, he was making incredible plays and was getting amazing frags. During one round on Mirage, s1mple performed the ultimate A-site fake as he eliminated all A-site defenders.

S1mple and Mirage A bombsite in CS:GO

It looks like there is some kind of connection between s1mple and the A bombsite on Mirage. During one of his FPL games, s1mple suggested his team go to B site silently and wait for him to fake A-site attack in the second pistol round of the game. This is not something we can see often in official games, as sending only one player to one bombsite just for the sake of faking the attack is too risky and it often ends in failure.

This kind of tactic is something we can see more often in Matchmaking games played by amateurs. The idea behind this tactic is to create a delusion that your team is rushing into one site. Hence, this fake attack usually forces rotations and the other bombsite remains weakened and basically free for the rest of the team to rush in and occupy it. However, this is not what would usually happen in official matches where IGLs don’t call rotations so early on.

Nevertheless, when s1mple plays the game, everything is possible. This time, s1mple performed ultimate A-site fake that can’t get any better. He went to A-site and took down all three A-site defenders. Later on, he eliminated a Catwalk player as well to complete quad-kill. In meantime, the rest of his team engaged with the remaining player of opponent’s team on the other bombsite and successfully occupied B bombsite, although they could just go back to A-site which was clear as s1mple eliminated all its defenders.

More fun for s1mple in FPL

S1mple performing the ultimate A-site fake wasn’t all we saw during his last stream. On the same bombsite in a different game, s1mple took three frags, which of two were beautiful one tap shots with an AK-47.

Moreover, during another game on Train, s1mple’s personality manifested itself once again. Everyone still remembers his failed attempt to finish the game against Team Liquid on Dust 2 by knifing nitr0. However, such attempts are not an exception in s1mple’s game, but almost a rule. He definitely wants to have some fun while playing CS:GO. This time, on Train, he asked his teammates to not throw rounds just like that after they lost one round, which was a reasonable suggestion.

However, just a few seconds later, he told his team to buy deagles and save their economy when they were leading 14-10. It wouldn’t be anything unusual if his team’s economy really was weak. But, s1mple himself had $14k, and all his teammates also had a bunch of money. Hence, s1mple was ready to basically lower his teams’ chances to put the game to bed just to have some fun. This is not recommended for any player, but s1mple can definitely afford these kinds of things as he always has a huge impact on his team’s game.

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