S1mple Tried To Knife nitr0, Blows The Game For NaVi At ESL One Cologne

S1mple Tried To Knife nitr0, Blows The Game For NaVi ESL One Cologne
Source: ESL

ESL One Cologne 2019 started off in Germany on July 2nd. In the match of the tournament so far, we saw a bizarre situation where the best CS:GO player in the world, s1mple, tried to knife nitr0 in potentially the last round of the game but failed. Later on, s1mple’s mistake cost NaVi the whole match.

“S1mple, it is not allowed, this is not FPL”

The last time we heard the quote above, s1mple pulled out two astonishing AWP no-scope shots in the Semi-final of the Major against Fnatic in Cologne, exactly three years ago. After that Major, Valve made “flying AWP shot” graffiti alongside the place where s1mple pulled off this incredible play. At that moment, the best player in the world took a risk and tried to win a 1v2 clutch in a style. As said, he “no-scoped” both opponents. Although the first one was pretty reasonable, the second one was just too risky. Here is the clip showing that:

However, at that moment, the risk paid off and s1mple became immortal. He became one of the very few players who have their own graffiti in the game. Furthermore, his 1v2 clutch that day is one of those most legendary moments and it will always be remembered. The reaction of commentators made the whole thing even more iconic. Three years later, the same words could be said at the same place, but with a negative connotation.

In unofficial games and leagues, such as FPL, you are allowed to try anything. That’s the place where you can make frag movies and unusual plays. However, once when you step in the official server, you need to subordinate your pride and game to the bigger cause. You are obliged to do whatever it takes to win the game for your team. That includes avoiding silly mistakes and unreasonable decisions.

S1mple’s mistake cost NaVi the game

Although s1mple is undoubtedly the best player in the world, and even though he saved and carried NaVi so many times in the past, he made a very unwise mistake that cost NaVi the whole game. Namely, NaVi was playing very well on Dust 2 and the Russian team eventually earned four map points. On the first map point, NaVi already had a 100% winning chance to close the game.

They planted the bomb on A site, and nitr0 from Liquid stayed alone against three NaVi’s players. He was running through middle doors to Catwalk and s1mple was waiting for him from behind in Lower Tunnels. It was the moment when everyone knew the game was over and everyone was already on Overpass in their minds. However, instead of finishing the job easily with riffle, s1mple decided to play with his luck and brought the knife in a gunfight to end the game with style. S1mple tried to knife nitr0 but failed. Even though he inflicted a lot of damage to nitr0, Liquid’s In-Game Leader managed to turn around and take down s1mple.

In the continuation of the round, nitr0 showed his great skills as he managed to win 1v3 clutch in an extremely tough position. Liquid managed to take the game to Overtime. After the second Overtime, they clinched the map. It turned out that s1mple’s mistake really cost NaVi the game. But, the worst was about to come.

S1mple’s mistake cost NaVi the whole match

After being one map down, NaVi needed to win the remaining two maps. It wasn’t an easy task to accomplish as the following map was Overpass, Liquid’s best map. But, NaVi played unexpectedly well on Overpass, so they took the action to the map of decision, Mirage.

There, however, the game of the Russian team fell apart. Their CT side was very weak as they barely clinched five rounds. That scoreline at the half-time wasn’t enough for them to advance further. Even though they won the second pistol round, Team Liquid bounced back in the second round with only pistols in their hands. It was the moment when we could feel the game was over. NaVi tried to respond with a couple of force-buys, but their attempts were in vain. Eventually, Liquid managed to put the game to bed and win it with the 16-8 scoreline and secure the Play-offs.

Should NaVi blame s1mple for the loss?

This is a very tricky question. On one hand, it looks very obvious that s1mple was the one who threw the first map for NaVi. In these kinds of matches, knifing opponents for fun is the last thing you should do. S1mple just had to finish the game. However, we need to give some credit to nitr0 as well. He managed to pull off the unbelievable 1v3 clutch. Hence, two players who faced nitr0 was also partially guilty for the loss.

On the other hand, however, it’s hard to blame s1mple as he was the best NaVi player on all three maps. He still was winning the rounds that NaVi shouldn’t win and his impact on the game was huge.

In conclusion, the move that s1mple made corresponds to his mentality and playstyle, but that mistake was just unforgivable. S1mple trying to knife nitr0 in the potentially last round wasn’t the best move to do. This should be a lesson to the best player in the world; to not make the same mistake twice.

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