Sgares Opinion About the Seeding System [CS:GO]

Sgares Opinion About the Seeding System CSGO ESL Pro League Counter Strike
Image source: Sgares Twitter

Sean “sgares” Gares is a former Cloud9 player who wasn’t active very active in 2018. However, after Valiance’s surprising wins against mousesports, popular sgares couldn’t resist expressing his opinion about the seeding system during his live stream on Twitch. Here, you can see what sgares thinks about how teams are seeded for CS:GO tournaments.

Valiance’s miraculous display, or just pure luck?

Valiance is a relatively new team, founded in October 2017. They spend most of their time playing Qualifiers and Minor events. Therefore, they were underdogs at the Group Stage of  the Europe Minor, and everyone expected to see them out already after the first two games. Consequently, CS:GO world was shocked by Valiance’s surprising double win over the top-seeded team at the Europe Minor, mousesports.

Sean Gares sgares CSGO Twitch Stream ESL Pro League Gaming
Image source: Sean Gares Twitter

No one could believe what happened as no one assumed that the fourth team can lose two games to outsiders like Valiance. Some say they won because of luck. Others claim they just were a better team. However, sgares thinks that Valiance won because they had one important information.

Seeders should be completely random?

Unlike many other analysts, sgares gave credit to Valiance and their good display. He clearly stated that one of the reasons for their big victory was their good game. However, he thinks that Valiance had an unfair advantage over mousesports. As he claims, it’s completely not fair that one team knows their two opponents in Group Stage a week before the event. Sgares thinks that seeding should be completely random at Minors, New Legends and other small tournaments. Basically, the best thing is that you know the teams in Groups when the event starts.

Of course, the reasoning behind this statement is very logical. Teams that know their potential opponents can thoroughly prepare for them and come with some good tactics or strategies. Any coach would agree that knowing their potential opponents can be crucial for the ending result.

Why should we listen to sgares?

When someone calls for changes in the system, we should ask what is his background. Well, sgares is a very credible man when it comes to CS:GO. He has been playing Counter-Strike for more than a decade. He won so many titles with Cloud9 and compLexity, and recorded many other great results. So, he surely has right to talk about things such as changing the seeding system. Therefore, CS:GO tournaments organizations should take this sgares’ suggestion into consideration.

Europe and CIS Minor results [UPDATE]

North 2-0 Team Vitality (16-14, 16-12)

ENCE 2-1 Valiance (9-16, 16-11, 16-9)


Team Spirit 0-2 AVANGAR (16-6, 16-5)

Winstrike 2-1 Gambit (16-12, 13-16, 19-16)

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