StarLadder Asia And CIS Minor 2019 Recap [CS:GO]

StarLadder Asia And CIS Minor 2019 Review [CSGO]

The remaining two StarLadder Minors have finished and after the 3rd Place Play-In event, we will get the full list of Berlin Major participants. In this article, you can check out StarLadder Asia and CIS Minor 2019 recap.

Asia Minor

StarLadder Asia and CIS Minor 2019 definitely drew less attention than Europe and Americas Minor. Nevertheless, viewers could still watch some high-quality Counter-Strike at these two events that concluded with an extraordinarily exciting match.

Group A

Group A of StarLadder Asia Minor 2019 saw the domination of one team, Grayhound Gaming. The Aussies started off against the South African team, Energy Esports on Dust 2. After the first half, it was clear that dexter and his teammates will come out victorious as they won T-half with scoreline 11-4. Until the end of the game, Energy Esports managed to clinch just another three rounds, so Grayhound recorded the first win at Asia Minor.

In the Winners’ Match, Grayhound faced Avant who previously bested 5Power (16-9). The first map (Overpass) could easily go either way as both teams had an upper hand at certain stages of matches, but Grayhound prevailed in the end (16-12). On the second map (Nuke), however, Grayhound just humiliated Avant as they didn’t allow them to win a single round. The match ended with a perfect 16-0 score in favor of the Aussies.

As 5Power easily edged out Energy Esports in Elimination Match (16-3, 16-10), 5Power and Avant met each other again in Decider. The outcome was the same, but the match was far more exciting. The third (Inferno) was a really wild ride. Avant had 14-6 lead and a chance to close out the game, but 5Power came back and earned the match point. However, Avant saved the match point thanks to sterling’s 1v2 clutch and took the game to Overtime where they prevailed (19-16).


Group B

On the other side, in Group B, TYLOO topped their group but dropped one map in Winners’ Match against ALPHA Red. Besides that map (Overpass), TYLOO won all remaining three maps in a convincing fashion. In the end, TYLOO was joined by MVP PK who got their revenge in Decider against ALPHA Red.

The team from Thailand (ALHPA Red) won the first encounter with MVP PK at StarLadder Asia Minor 2019, and MVP survived in Group Stage after their victory against FFAMix. In the match of decision, ALPHA Red clinched the first map (16-13), but MVP PK bounced back on the following two (16-7, 16-8) to advance further to Play-offs.


Upper Bracket

In Semis of Upper Bracket of StarLadder Asia Minor 2019, we saw two one-sided games. In the first one, Grayhound Gaming bested MVP PK conceding 14 rounds in two map series. MVP PK made it double digits on Mirage but clinched only four rounds on Dust 2.


On the other side, TYLOO also conceded only 14 rounds on their path to the Upper Bracket Final. They demolished Avant on Overpass (16-2) and then finished them off on Mirage (16-12).

In Upper Bracket Final, we saw an extremely exciting match between TYLOO and Grayhound Gaming. Moreover, it was the most anticipated match of StarLadder Asia Minor 2019 and for good reason. On the first map (Inferno) Grayhound managed to come back after losing 14-10. They won six rounds in a row on T side to clinch the first map. Things moved to Dust 2 where the Chinese team destroyed Aussies. After the first half, the score was 14-1, but dexter and co. made numbers looking better as they added 5 rounds to their count.

The final map (Train) saw a mad game. TYLOO won the T-half with minimal advantage, and it meant they had better odds to conclude the match in their favor as Train favors CT side. However, Grayhound bounced back and earned four match points. Each of them had the weight of the spot in Berlin Major next month. Regardless, TYLOO won four in a row to force Overtime, but the first Overtime wasn’t enough.

The game went into the second Overtime as well, and Grayhound finished on top (22-20) to win StarLadder Asia Minor 2019 and buy tickets for Berlin.

Lower Bracket

Meanwhile, MVP PK came one step closer to Berlin Major as they eliminated Avant in Lower Bracket Round 1. However, the last step turned out to be a huge obstacle for South Koreans. The match between TYLOO and Grayhound indeed turned out to be the decider of which two teams will qualify for the Major. In two map series, MVP PK barely took 10 rounds, as TYLOO completely dominated them on Dust 2 (16-4) and Inferno (16-6).

Hence, TYLOO used the second chance to qualify for Major directly. On the other side, MVP PK has to play 3rd Place Play-In event to see where they are going to be at the end of August when Major is going to kick off.

CIS Minor

StarLadder CIS Minor 2019 has perhaps been the least interesting one. Not only it was the weakest on paper, but it also lacked close and interesting games with one exception.

Group A

The favorite for topping Group A, forZe, did what was expected of them to do. Firstly, they beat Syman on Mirage with scoreline 16-9 although it could be even more dominant for the Russian team as they won the first half conceding only three rounds. As Gambit Youngsters dismantled Unique on Dust 2 (16-4), these two squads faced each other in Winners’ Match. Anyway, forZe won this encounter in a smooth manner on Inferno (16-7) and Dust 2 (16-9) to secure a spot in StarLadder CIS Minor 2019 Play-offs.

The Elimination Match of Group A featured a comeback of Syman on both maps. On both Dust 2 and Train, Unique kicked off on T-side successfully as they won the first half 10-5. On Dust 2, Syman completed a comeback before Overtime (16-13), but on Train, they had to save on map point and move things to Overtime. But the first Overtime was enough for Syman to knock out Unique and book a meeting with Gambit Youngsters in Decider Match.

In the match of decision, Youngsters of Krakow Major champions and Syman played three one-sided maps. The first one (Overpass) ended in Gambit Youngsters’ favor, but the following two were won by Syman who conceded just 5 rounds in total. So, whereas Syman advanced to Play-offs, Youngsters’ path to Major ended already in Group Stage.

Group B

Not a single match of Group B was even close to anything that would look like an epic encounter. The winner of Group B, DreamEaters crushed Team Spirit in an Opening match on Overpass (16-3). Later on, they bested Warthox (16-13, 16-14), to top Group B and proceed to Play-offs.

As Spirit successfully overcame Nemiga in Elimination match, two Russian teams, Spirit and Warthox met each other in Decider Match. Anyhow, Warthox couldn’t stand a chance against participants of the last two Majors. Spirit defeated Warthox on Vertigo (16-13), and Dust 2 (16-8) to come closer to Major in Berlin.


Upper Bracket

The first Semi-final meeting between forZe and Team Spirit was supposed to be Upper Bracket final, but as Spirit failed to top their group, one of these two favorites had to drop down to Lower Bracket already in Semis. On the first map (Inferno), forZe beat Spirit with 16-12 scoreline. The second map was more close as Spirit was in a similar situation, but this time they saved three match points to take the game to Overtime. However, they didn’t have enough energy and skill to completely turn things around given that forZe prevailed (19-16).

In the second Semi-final, we saw the match of StarLadder CIS Minor 2019 where Syman came back after being one map down. They lost on Inferno (16-9) to DreamEaters, and it looked like they were going to drop down to Lower Bracket on Dust 2. DreamEaters were leading 13-8 and 14-10, and the victory was in their hands. Regardless, Syman fought to the end as they saved a match point and forced Overtime.

Later on, DreamEaters had another three match points in the first Overtime, but even that wasn’t sufficient for them to close the match out. Syman saved these three match points as well and took the game to the second Overtime, where Ramz1k won 1v2 clutch in the last round to win the map for his team.

On the map of decision (Train), DreamEaters were those who saved match point to force Overtime, but unlike Syman they failed to achieve a comeback. So we watched another meeting between forZe and Syman, but this time in Upper Bracket final.

But, the outcome was identical as forZe absolutely outplayed Syman on Inferno (16-5) and Dust 2 (16-6) to qualify for Major.

Lower Bracket

Unfortunately for Team Spirit, their path to Berlin Major ended in Round 1 of Lower Bracket. The loss in the Group Stage against DreamEaters cost them, and they didn’t get their revenge when they met them again in Lower Bracket. On the contrary, DreamEaters convincingly bested Spirit to stop them from qualifying for Major for the third time in a row.

Finally, in the last round of Lower Bracket, Syman Gaming managed to defeat DreamEaters in two map series to make their debut at Majors in Berlin. DreamEaters will have to find their way through 3rd Place Play-In where they compete against North, MVP PK, and INTZ. So, each of them has a big chance to be there in Berlin together with the best teams in the world.

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