SuperNova Malta 2018 First Round Review

SuperNova Malta 2018 First Round Review Virtus.Pro vs Team Liquid Esports Pro Gaming

SuperNova Malta 2018 first round review.

Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov & Company beat Team Kinguin

Before getting into the match, NRG Esports was a big favorite to win. The Polish team didn’t do well recently, and the last big tournament they won was the DreamHack Open in Montreal.

Afterward, the 29th team in the world won “only” Minor ESL Polish Championship in  Summer 2018. Between these two tournaments, they had 3 consecutive 2nd places won.  So everyone naturally thought NRG Esports would accomplish the convincing win. Apparently, that wasn’t the case. According to SuperNova Malta’s rules, opening rounds are played in best of 1 matches.

The final result tells us how much this match was close. Thirty rounds were not enough. Players had to play additional 5 rounds.

This game took place on the train map. NRG Esports opened the match well with 7 consecutive rounds won, but they managed to win just another 2 games to the end of the first half. So, the result was 9-6 in the first half. NRG opened the second half in a good way too, with 3 wins, and they had three “match points” at the result of 15-12.  Nevertheless, the Polish team fought really hard and they won 3 games. Unfortunately for them, in Overtime they lost with the final result 19-16.

Astonishing CeRq was the player of the match with an amazing score 33/4/19 and rating 1.50. The Bulgarian AWPer really crushed the field.

Team Liquid performed pretty well

Unlike in the previous match, there is no player that stands out from Liquid. Basically, only EliGE made a weaker performance. Nitr0 and his teammates played a very decent match on Mirage.

Another team from Poland lost their game today. actually won first 3 rounds as Terrorists, once due to elimination and twice due to an explosion. Sadly for the Poles, they won the same number of games to the end of the first half. Sides changed, but not the fact that Liquid kept winning rounds. At one moment it looked like could make comeback after 4 wins in a row, but it didn’t happen. Team Liquid successfully booked 3rd win over the Polish team in their Head-to-Head matches.


Liquid is looking for winning a tournament after approx 9 months and winning initial round can mean a lot to them.

SuperNova Malta 2018 Team Liquid Esports team Image from Teams Twitter
Image Courtesy of Team Liquid Twitter’s Page

Next duels in Group A of SuperNova Malta 2018 are going to be played between winners of opening rounds.

NRG Esports will confront Team Liquid, that is going to be a really interesting match. We will see whether CeRq can repeat his marvelous performance from the last match, or nitr0 will lead his team to victory. Afterward, losers of the first round will play against each other, too. Fans are eager to see two Polish teams facing each other.

Team Kinguin has, most likely, more chances to win the match, they scored better, but they played against a bit weaker team. However, this is going to be a quite competitive match.

Close win by TYLOO

Asian line-up made a tiny surprise today, considering that they are beneath BIG on the ranking list. This may be a consequence of fact they already played one match on the same map at Qi Invitational this year.

That match on Overpass ended with exactly the same result, 16-14. Sides were winning round in a row. TYLOO won both pistol rounds as well as following rounds. After 4-1, BIG won 6 of 7 following rounds and it seemed like they have momentum.

Tyloo Gaming Esports Professional Gamer Pro League CSGO
Image courtesy of Tyloo Gaming’s Twitter Page

However, TYLOO won the first half by result 8-7. Almost the identical thing happened in the second half, and it was the same ending as well. This is the 3rd win of the Chinese team over Germans in their 5 duels. Xccurate had the best performance and most kills. He scored 27/6/17 with 1.40 rating. Next to him was tabseN from German side with 26/4/20 score and 1.28 rating. We have seen most duels between tiziaN and captainMo, German leads 8:5.

Terrorist’s domination on Dust 2

HellRaisers confronted Gambit 7 times before this match, and they lead in Head-to-Head score 4-3. This was their first match on Dust2. HR started a match with a great display of Bence “DeadFox” Böröcz and Özgür “woxic” Eker. They helped a team with double and triple kills.

In the rest of the game woxic just crushed the field with unbelievable performance. He made 22 kills and provided 7 assists (3 flash assists). He died 12 times. His rating is estimated at 1.52, that’s even more than Bulgarian from NRG. After 5 rounds, the result was 4-1 for HR.

Gambit managed to win one more game, but woxic then came up with just a great AWP quad-kill. That was a moment of inspiration for HR, and they won two games in a row. In spite of that, Gambit punched back and managed to achieve lead to the end of the first half. Seven rounds won was enough for Dosia and his side to have very pleasing 9-6. However, HellRaisers made something wondrous in the second half. They literally won all matches up to the end.

The final result was 16-9. An interesting fact is that the CT side won only 6 rounds in the whole match. In the following Round, HR will play against TYLOO, and Gambit will face BIG.

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