Team Liquid broke the curse – SuperNova Malta 2018

TeamLiquid SuperNova Malta 2018 CSGO Champions Winners Counter Strike
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Team Liquid broke the curse – SuperNova Malta 2018

Another tournament ended yesterday. ENCE won DreamHack Winter 2018 in cold Swedeen, and on another side of Europe, in the heart of the Mediterranean, nitr0 and his guys won LAN event after approx ten months. It’s really been a while since the third team on the planet last time won a LAN event. Plus, this is the first tournament TeamLiquid won outside North America. It is a nice boost of confidence prior to the next important competition in Odense. TeamLiquid has been known as the 2nd-3rd team during almost the whole year. They took 7th-8th place in the last Premier they played – Esports Championship Series Season 6 – Finals. The last LAN tournament that Liquid won was Major cs_summit2 defeating Cloud9 in the finals (3-2), back in February.

ESL Pro League S8 – Finals competitors reached Play-offs

An interesting thing is that four out eight participants of SuperNova will also take part in following Premier. All of them successfully finished Group Stage as first two teams. and Team Kinguin couldn’t win a single match against NRG and Liquid in Group A. Both TeamLiquid and NRG won their first matches and booked a duel against each other. Nitr0 and his teammates prevailed in that match. The final score was 2-1. NRG started the match in a good manner by winning the first leg on Overpass with a convincing 16-8 score. Liquid punched back on Inferno and Mirage. NAF and Twistzz led their squad to crushing victory on Mirage ending that leg with 16-5.  They advanced to Play-off after two matches and NRG had to play Decider vs Polish team couldn’t do much in that combat, so NRG secured Play-off Stage as well.

In Group B, BIG failed to win an initial match against TYLOO, so they were forced to play Elimination duel versus Gambit. BIG won the first leg, but the second one went in Overtime. However, the ESL Pro League S8 Finals participant won that leg and match, so they went into Decider. BIG was looking for revenge against TYLOO, and they got it in a furious way. Germans humiliated TYLOO and made them look weak. Asian team won only three rounds in two legs. Nex and tabseN’s performance was estimated at over two in the second leg. Nex had a score 29/3/5 providing 16 headshots. Robin Hood would be jealous of nex’s accuracy. Alongside BIG, HellRaisers also reached Play-off but in an easier way. They first beat Gambit (16-9) and then TYLOO (2-0). So the two matches were enough for them to get through the Group Stage.

Inferno and Overpass and TeamLiquid – better love story than Twilights

It is very interesting that TeamLiquid played all their Bo3 (Best of 3) matches on Inferno and Overpass. They avoided it only in an initial round when they played on Mirage.

In the first match of the day, we saw a confrontation between HellRaisers and NRG. North American team advanced in next phase. They defeated the winner of Group B on Overpass and Mirage with final score 2-0 (16-4, 16-9). Brehze and nahtE played a very good game. On another side of the bracket, TeamLiquid faced BIG for the 11th time in their history. The American team had a psychological advantage, considering they were leading 8-2 in the H2H score. Also, they played four times on Inferno versus each other and Liquid won each time. The same thing happened yesterday. BIG played solid, but nitr0 and company were better. The final result was 2-0, so we got the finalists.

A little bit of fun is always good:

TeamLiquid was dominant in the first leg. They won on Overpass with score 16-4. NRG had to reset as fast as possible. They managed to do that in some way. NRG was leading 11-4 on changing sides, but it again turned out that Inferno is beneficial for the Terrorist side. Only seven out thirty rounds were won by CTs. Liquid used advantage of Terrorists and they caught up the result. In the end, TeamLiquid finally won LAN tournament outside America with final result 2-0(16-4, 16-14). This was the 43rd and 44th time that these two big rivals play against each other. After this match Liquid improved their H2H score. The current H2H score is 23-21 in NRG’s favor.

In another match, BIG won the 3rd place in duel versus HR.

A team of the tournament has been announced:

Players just love Malta

It seems like players really enjoyed a different environment than usual. As they said, sometimes it is good to just enjoy in a beautiful sight of the ocean. For most of them, this is the first time they visited Malta and they would probably never do that without eSport. Also, all of them agree that tournament on Malta is kind of rest, considering all these stressful events in huge cities. It is a simple calmer and more relaxing. So, once again, eSports proves to be very useful and helpful for meeting new people and revealing new places.

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