The Most Clever CS:GO Bait Ever?

The Most Clever CSGO Bait Ever
Source: Twitch

In the Lower Bracket of the Americas Minor Closed Qualifier, Team Singularity met ATK on Vertigo and Overpass. On the first map, Singularity’s duo, Hydrex and ryann pulled off perhaps the most clever CS:GO bait ever. See the video below.

Excellent teamwork

We can often see some incredible individual plays by the best CS:GO players. They throw fake flashbangs, perform ninja defuses, pull out unbelievable clutches and so on. Also, we frequently have a chance to see some crazy team tactics. Every day, we see some new nades, fakes, full stacks, etc. However, we rarely see the combination of these two. In a duel between ATK and Singularity at the Americas Minor Closed Qualifier, we saw one of the most clever CS:GO baits in history.

Namely, ATK was attacking A site on Singularity’s eco round. The only player who had a gun in his hands on Singularity’s side was ryann. Hence, he and his teammate Hydrex decided to try to bait ATK into thinking they cleared sandbags. After ATK threw the Moly on sandbags, Hydrex and ryann smoked it off to extinguish the fire and then, Hydrex ran out and sacrificed himself. Therefore, ATK squad thought they completely cleared that corner so they continued occupying the A site.

They succeeded in doing so with only one casualty made by pistol. They planted the bomb and started hunting the remaining player without knowing that he was on A site. When the time came, Hydrex left sandbags and pulled out an unbelievable 1v4 clutch, thanks to perhaps the most clever CS:GO bait ever as well as his great individual skills. Fl0m, who was watching this game, just went mad when he saw what was going to happen.

Singularity Successfully Qualified for Americas Minor

Although Singularity lost to NRG and dropped to the Lower Bracket, they managed to qualify for the Minor. In the game against ATK, Singularity had 5 map points on Vertigo but had to play Overtime to win the first map. On Overpass, things went much easier for them, especially on the CT side.

In the final round of Closed Qualifier, Singularity faced Team Envy. After a dramatic loss on Inferno, Singularity crushed Envy on Nuke and Mirage. Although oSee and co. had two map points on Inferno, they had to play Overtime, where they lost the game. However, on Mirage and Nuke, Team Envy didn’t even reach double digits. They lost on both maps convincingly with results 16-9 and 16-8. So, Singularity advanced further to Americas Minor.

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