Top 10 CS:GO Players Who Carry Their Team

Top 10 CSGO Players Who Carry Their Team
  • Despite CS:GO being a team game, there will always be players who stand out and carry their team. Usually, if these players underperform, the team plays badly as well, because they depend on their best player. In this article, we are going to present the Top 10 CS:GO players who carry their team.
Top 10 CS:GO Players Who Carry Their Team

First of all, we need to say this is not just an opinion article, but it’s based on HLTV stats and ratings. Hence, the first player on this list is the best player in terms of HLTV% rating above the team’s average in the last six months.

10. Justin Savage aka “jks” (100 Thieves)

jks is an overall solid player. Before he moved to 100 Thieves, he was with Renegades since 2015 and is one of the main reasons for Renegades achievements in the 1st half of 2019. After finishing in style i 2018, reaching the Quarter-finals of the ESL Pro League Season 8, the Renegades kicked off 2019 in the same manner.

They successfully qualified for the first Major in 2019 after winning he Asia Minor and then played so well in Katowice. Furthermore, they were the only team that managed to win a map against Astralis. Later on, the Australian team reached Semi-finals of StarSeries Season 7, where they lost to the eventual champions NaVi. Unfortunately for them, they failed to meet expectations on home soil in Sydney. The main reason why it happened is, perhaps, the bad performance of jks.

Justin Savage aka jks (Renegades)

IEM Sydney was the first event where jks had a rating below 1 since IEM Chicago last year in November 2018. It just proves that he is one of Top 10 CS:GO players who carry their team as his team failed badly without him performing at a high level. However, it seems like jks’ level slightly drops in Play-off matches. Nevertheless, he still has a notably higher rating than his teammates in the last six months.

9. Timothy Ta aka “autimatic” (Gen.G)

This 22 years old Gen.G AWPer was the only one that kept Cloud9 in the top alongside flushain 2019. When Cloud9 changed the majority of their squad last year, autimatic was the only player who stepped up to the plate. It especially proved at the last year’s BLAST Pro Series Madrid when autimatic was the only member of Cloud9 who had a positive rating. All his teammates had a rating below 1, which was disastrous for Cloud9.

Timothy Ta aka autimatic (Cloud9)

However, that’s what was expected from autimatic as he was one of two players left from the victorious squad who won the Major in Boston in 2018. His teammate (RUSH) didn’t show anything good recently anyhow. So, autimatic was the only player who had to carry his team on this back, which he did, especially at the last event. He currently holds strong with Gen.G Esports.

8. Vincent Cayonte aka “Brehze” (Evil Geniuses)

NRG lost one of their best players in late 2019. Although the whole NRG squad has been playing so well in second half of 2019, Brehze was the one who had the highest peaks. For example, at the last event (IEM Sydney), Brehze stepped up versus FaZe and MiBR to help his team to reach Semi-final. There, however, Brehze underperformed against Fnatic, which resulted in his team losing the match. As we already said, that’s one of the signs that Brehze is one of Top 10 CS:GO players who carries their team.

Also, this American player led his team to the Americas Qualifier title, finishing the event with a 1.58 tournament rating. In the last six months, Brehze had a negative rating only at ECS Season 6 Finals last year. He helped his team to win EPL Qualifier Group and reach Semi-final of StarSeries event as well.

Vincent Cayonte aka Brehze (NRG)

Another reason why Brehze is on this list is the bad performance of NRG’s In-Game leader, daps. Daps affected the team’s average rating negatively. Consequently, it seems like Brehze stands out more than he really does.

7. Valdemar Bjørn Vangså “valde” (OG Esports)

Valde is a rare example of In-Game leader who actually carries his team. Usually, In-Game leaders subordinate their game to the cause of the team. As a result, they finish the match with a bad rating, just like daps from NRG.

When Vlade played for North last year, the second half of the year has been the worst period in the history of North. First of all, they were eliminated by Sharks in the first round of EPL Season 8 Finals. Afterward, they failed to qualify for IEM Katowice, not once but twice. They lost to Team Vitality and ViCi Gaming. So, these results were quite embarrassing for the Danish team. In this dark period, valde was the only bright spot on the depleting North team in 2019.

Valdemar Bjørn Vangsa valde (North)

Then, they finally managed to achieve something valuable after winning GG.Bet Ice Challenge. They beat NaVi in final, but the tournament wasn’t really that important. The best-rated player of North was, of course, valde. Then, North reached the Quarter-final of the StarSeries tournament and valde played an important role there. As someone who leads by an example, valde deserves to find his place on the list of Top 10 CS:GO players who carry their team and he’s definitely an asset for OG Esports.

6. Ali Djami “Jame” (Virtus.Pro)

When Jame played for AVANGAR last year, they didn’t appear at the big event since the Major in Katowice. However, they have been playing well lately and one of their players was on fire. AVANGAR’s AWPer and In-Game leader, Jame, is another and probably the better example of leaders with high ratings. Unlike valde who became In-Game leader recently, Jame was playing that role for a while. Regardless, he still managed to stand out and be the one whose teammates can always lean on him.

In the last six months, AVANGAR played 20 Online and LAN events in total. Jame finished the tournament with a rating below 1.20 only three times. He led his team to titles at Bucharest Gaming Week Invitational, CIS Minor, LOOT.BET Season 1,  DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro, and WePlay Forge of Masters.

Ali Djami Jame (AVANGAR)

Jame finished those events with pretty high ratings. Also, he had the highest peaks in Qualifiers and Online tournaments. On top of that, he won so many important clutches for his team. Additionally, he didn’t lose any 1v2, 1v3 and 1v4 clutch in the last six months, which is impressive. Also, unlike previously mentioned players, Jame is not on this list because his teammates played badly, but because he just played too good in comparison with his team.

5. Johannes Wodarz “tabseN” (BIG)

BIG is another team who didn’t have any success in big tournaments in the last six months. They dropped out of IEM Katowice in New Legends Stage. Afterwards, they failed to reach Play-off of StarSeries Season 7 and IEM Sydney. The main reason for that is perhaps the roster changes that BIG made when they replaced nex by XANTARES. Although XANTARES had good showings, BIG’s average rating dropped.

Johannes Wodarz tabseN (BIG)

Hence, TabseN stood out even more with his decent performance. In the last six months, his rating didn’t drop below 1.00 at any tournament. Even though it’s not right to say that tabseN “carried” his team, he definitely has been the most consistent player in the German squad. As a result, he comes in fifth place on the list of Top 10 CS:GO players who carry their team.

4. Valentin Vasilev “poizon” (Complexity Gaming)

When Poizon played for Windigo last year, they were definitely not one of the most elite teams in CS:GO. However, thanks to their WESG 2018 title and good achievements at small LAN events, they made it to HLTV Top 20 teams. The player who is perhaps the most deserving for these achievements is their AWPer, poizon.

Valentin Vasilev poizon (Windigo Gaming)
Source: HLTV

Windigo played over 20 LAN and Online events and poizon finished the tournament with a rating below 1.00 just twice. He was one of the most deserving players for WESG 2018 title, as well as for many other good results. On top of that, no one from his team has a negative average rating including results from the last 6 months only. That just gives more significance to poizon’s stats.

3. Nikola Kovac “NiKo” (FaZe Clan)

It’s not a secret that NiKo carries FaZe Clan. Moreover, he would be the best player on any team except maybe on NaVi where s1mple rules. NiKo would perhaps be even better if he doesn’t have to play the role of In-Game leader as he does at the moment. It’s a common opinion that FaZe needs a real In-Game leader, and apparently, NiKo is not that. His game is about kills, clutches, and jaw-dropping moves.

Nikola Kovac NiKo (FaZe Clan)

How important NiKo is for FaZe, tells us that FaZe terribly blundered at IEM Sydney because NiKo couldn’t get there without a visa. On the other side, when NiKo performs at his best, FaZe is winning titles just like at BLAST Pro Miami when they crushed Astralis and Team Liquid in the Grand Final. Additionally, NiKo won the MVP award there. Also, NiKo had the best rating at ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019 when FaZe lifted the trophy. No doubt that NiKo is one of Top 10 CS:GO players who carry their team.

2. Mathieu Herbaut “ZywOo” (Team Vitality)

This young gun has been part of Team Vitality since it was formed in October last year. Since then, he has been the best member of the French team by far. ZywOo still hasn’t finished an event with a rating below 1.00 which is incredible for a guy at such age. Furthermore, he had some really high peaks at tournaments such as WePlay! Lock and Load, Europe Minor, LOOT.BET Cup, DreamHack Open Atlanta and so on.

Mathieu Herbaut ZywOo (Team Vitality)

ZywOo helped his team to get close to Top 10 CS:GO teams. Thanks to ZywOo’s incredible showings, Team Vitality won Charleroi Esports, DH Open Atlanta, WePlay, and many other Qualifier events. Team’s average rating is very decent (1.11), but ZywOo still managed to have a much better rating (1.37). This young player definitely has a bright future in the upcoming years.

1. Oleksandr Kostyliev “s1mple” (Natus Vincere)

On top of our list of Top 10 CS:GO players who carry their teams is, of course, s1mple from NaVi. Unquestionably, no one carries his team so hard as s1mple does. The best CS:GO player in the world wins so many rounds for NaVi that NaVi shouldn’t win. He pulls out clutches, Aces, multi-kills and other unbelievable plays. S1mple can play with anything from an AWP, to an AK, to a Deagle. He’s truly multitalented.

In this case, statistics show the same situation that we’ve seen on the field. Thanks to Zeus’ weak performance, the difference between NaVi’s average rating and s1mple’s rating is even bigger. S1mple didn’t finish a tournament with negative ranking since IEM Katowice 2017. This year, he peaked at GG.Bet Ice challenge and StarSeries Season 7. He got an MVP medal at both events. However, he didn’t perform so well (according to his standards) at BLAST Pro Series tournaments and IEM Katowice Major. As a result, his team failed as well.

Oleksandr Kostyliev s1mple NaVi Natus Vincere Esports

Interestingly, there are no players from Astralis, Team Liquid, and ENCE, which tells us a lot about their consistency and team play. Unlike teams from this list, they don’t lean only on one player but they all play more or less at the same level.

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