TRANSFER NEWS: NEO Joins FaZe, PashaBiceps Returns To CS:GO

TRANSFER NEO Joins FaZe, pashaBiceps Returns To CSGO

There is big transfer news coming from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Two CS:GO legends, pashaBiceps and his former teammate NEO are back in CS:GO esports. NEO joined FaZe Clan, and pashaBiceps returned to CS:GO in a new Polish team called Youngsters.

NEO has become FaZe’s In-Game Leader

A legendary Polish CS:GO player, Filip Kubski aka NEO, didn’t appear on the big stage after parting ways with He was part of the 2k19PL squad at IEM Open Qualifiers and ECS Season 7 Challenger Cup. He also played as a stand-in for Heroic at the same event. Later, he joined new-formed Polish squad called Youngsters, together with his former teammate pashaBiceps.

However, his journey with an old friend on the new team ended quickly as he got an offer from FaZe Clan. Although Youngsters were supposed to be an upcoming Top Tier team build around two veterans and three young prospects, pashaBiceps didn’t mind because of NEO’s decision to accept an offer from FaZe Clan. On the contrary, he encouraged NEO to use this opportunity that knocked on the door, because such an opportunity knocks only once.

Considering that FaZe desperately needed a real In-Game leader, this transfer was beneficial for both sides. As an experienced player and someone who was IGL of for a long time, NEO is a perfect player for FaZe Clan. A confirmation that NEO is going to take over the role of IGL immediately came from FaZe Clan and their former IGL, NiKo.

AdreN possibly couldn’t cope with long-distance trips

As NEO joined FaZe, someone had to leave. This time it was the last player who joined FaZe, AdreN. He didn’t meet expectations so he couldn’t stay on FaZe anymore. One of the reasons why AdreN didn’t perform as expected is perhaps the long-distance trips that AdreN couldn’t cope with. When FaZe was playing at IEM Sydney, AdreN mentioned this problem in one interview. He said that it’s too stressful for his body to travel back and forth almost every single week.

Possibly, this affected AdreN’s gameplay negatively so he couldn’t play as he wanted. Remember that one of the reasons why Astralis and NaVi skip many events is because they want to avoid constant traveling.

Bad debut for NEO

Right after FaZe signed NEO, he had a chance to play with his new teammates at an official event. FaZe was going to play the ECS Season 7 Series 4 exactly against NEO’s former team, Given that NEO didn’t manage to practice much with his new team, he seriously underperformed in this match.

Firstly, FaZe lost on Nuke 16-10. Then, both teams moved to Overpass where had an upper hand after side switch. Nevertheless, NEO and his new team managed to come back and force to play the third map. However, the third map (Mirage) was a real disaster for both NEO and FaZe Clan. NEO had only four kills, finishing the game with a poor rating of 0.39. As a result, demolished FaZe on Mirage (16-6) to book a meeting with AVANGAR in Semi-final.

Neo Debut FaZe CLan CSGO Esports
Source: adelasznajder

Considering that NEO has just joined FaZe, this showing doesn’t mean anything. He simply didn’t have enough time to fit into a new team.

PashaBiceps returned to CS:GO to support the development of CS:GO in Poland

When pashaBiceps left, it was because he was retiring from competitive play. If we take into account his age and the message he left after that, it was his only logical move. Nevertheless, rumors that have been floating around proved to be correct. PashaBiceps became a part of the new team together with his friend NEO. They were supposed to transfer some experience to young Polish prospects and eventually help them to reach new heights.

NEO joined FaZe and quickly left the new team (Youngsters), but pashaBiceps stayed there. We still don’t know if he will keep playing in the new squad, but anyhow, it’s nice to see that pashaBiceps returned to CS:GO.

BIG made roster changes as well

As BIG was struggling for several months, they decided to make roster changes as well. Although they have already signed XANTARES, it seems like it’s not enough for BIG to start going uphill. When XANTARES joined BIG, nex stepped out because of medical problems. Smooya replaced him, but nex eventually returned to BIG. Additionally, he will leave the German team once again as BIG decided to sign denis.

The former Sprout’s player is happy to join players he started his career with:

“I am insanely proud and happy to announce that BIG gives me a chance to prove myself and show the world what I learned throughout all this time. The professional environment and attitude of all people involved here will help me with that. For a long time, it was my goal and dream to play with these players, I think with time we can show great things.” (source: denis’ Twitter account)

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