WarOwl Proved That Valve Is Spying On Us?

WarOwl Proved that Valve is Spying on Gamers Twitch CSGO Valve
  • WarOwl was streaming one of his regular streams on Twitch playing competitive matches. He entered the matchmaking lobby and was waiting for about two minutes for the match. Then, he decided to check if his tactic for faster matchmaking works. Check what happens next.

Matchmaking Problems in CS:GO

All CS:GO players hate when they have to wait for too long in a matchmaking lobby. Somehow, we all want to get in the match instantly after pressing the start button. Sometimes, players even lost their will to play due to time spent in the matchmaking lobby. Not to mention all these annoying things that occur before the match starts.

How many times has this happened to you; you’re waiting for a game to begin, however, “one” player doesn’t click the “Accept button” to start the game. How many hours have been wasted due to one player not clicking the accept button? Most of the time it’s the typical reasons for players not to click the accept button to start the match.

Either these players got bored and were distracted, or went to get a snack. When they would get back, they realized that they missed the chance to enter a new match after ten minutes. They then become frustrated as much as those who were waiting for them to click the accept button. It’s really a 360 of madness. Is there a solution to this?

WarOwl found a solution for this?

As said, WarOwl was streaming as he usually does and he had the same problem with matchmaking. He was waiting for about two minutes. Then, he decided to check if his tactic works. WarOwl assumed that as soon as he gets up and leaves, a matchmaking window will appear, and the countdown clock would begin. In order to make the whole situation even more realistic, WarOwl said loudly: “I am going to pee, I’ll be right back“. He acted like someone is spying on him and listening in.

To make the whole thing even more real, WarOwl stood up and left his chair. After just a couple of seconds, a new match actually popped out, and WarOwl got back to the chair. He laughed as he couldn’t believe it actually worked. No one on his team also could believe it. Watch the eerie clip below.

The most logical question is, does this mean that someone is really spying us. Do they listen to what we say and then evilly force the new match to start? Of course, that would be ridiculous. But the clip above shows that it did happen. Will you try this little trick when trying to get a game going?

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