WESG 2018 Group Stage: Fnatic Almost Dropped Out

WESG 2018 Group Stage Fnatic Almost Dropped Out CSGO
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After two days of competition at the WESG 2018 Group Stage, 16 teams advanced to Play-off Stage. One of the tournaments front runners, Fnatic, almost dropped out from the event after two tight drawn matches. Read the full WESG 2018 Group Stage report.

Group A and Group B: G2 and Valiance undefeated

Unfortunately, Ninjas in Pyjamas didn’t take part in the WESG 2018 Group Stage. Therefore, they didn’t compete in Group A as it originally was planned. That resulted in the dominance of one team in Group A, G2 Esports. In the first match, Team Singularity won 10 rounds in total. Firstly, G2 just crushed Singularity on Cache winning the first half 14-1. Team Singularity won just  three rounds up to the end of the match. G2’s player, shox dominated the field with ACE in the 12th round when he just deleted four opponent’s players on the Mid.

G2 kept playing at a high level and defeated Singularity on Overpass smoothly, as well. The final score on Overpass was 16-6.

In the following match, G2 conceded only one round throughout entire match against Revolution. G2 scored perfect 16-0 on Dust 2 and then lost only one round on Cache to set the score on 16-1. Famous AWPer kennyS demolished Revolution on both maps with an average rating of 2.26 (2.81 on Dust 2). This was very bad even for Revolution as they lost to Team Singularity as well with devastating score 16-1, 16-2.

In group B, the Serbian team Valiance managed to top the group with two wins and one draw. LETN1 and co. drew their first game against NASR. Then, they convincingly defeated Denial Esports 2-0 on Nuke and Inferno (16-4, 16-3). In the last match of Group B, two top squads, Valiance and OpTic were fighting for the first place in the group. Before that match, OpTic clinched two matches versus Denial (16-8, 16-4) and NASR (16-10, 16-12).

Hence, OpTic Gaming was the favorite in that match, but they surprisingly lost and finished the group in second place. Valiance’s captain, LETN1 performed solidly on both Mirage (16-13) and Nuke (16-10). So he had a big impact on the final outcome. In the remaining match, Denial Esports and NASR played the game for third place and Denial won (16-6, 16-5).

Group C and Group D: MiBR won the sole group match, Absolute took first place

As we already stated, Group C was the least exciting group at the WESG 2018 Group Stage as it featured only two teams due to withdrawals. MiBR confronted AGO Esports in the only match of Group C. MiBR was dominant side on Nuke considering they easily won with scoreline 16-5. On Train, AGO showed the better game and they were leading 10-7 at one point. Anyway, it wasn’t enough to beat a much better team such as MiBR. The final score was 16-12 in MiBR’s favor.

In Group D, Absolute from Japan managed to upset Furious and FrostFire and win the group. Both of Absolute’s matches were intense. On Cache, against Furious, the game went into double Overtime. In the end, Absolute prevailed and won the game (22-20).

Absolute had a much easier job on Dust 2 when they took the map with a score of 16-8. In the last match of the group, Absolute faced FrostFire. It was a match of the decision given that winner from that match was going to advance further. As said, the winner was Absolute (19-16, 16-5). So, Absolute and Furious proceeded to Play-off from Group D

Group E and Group F: Fnatic almost dropped out, Team Russia took six points

Unfortunately, we didn’t watch ENCE competing in Group E. Therefore, Fnatic was an unquestionable favorite for topping Group E. Anyway, Fnatic surprisingly drew both of their games. After beating Riders, Windigo Gaming came into the duel versus Fnatic prepared for a fight. And they succeeded in taking at least one map.

That was a big surprise, but everyone expected that Fnatic was going to beat Riders and win the Group E. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen. Fnatic split two maps with Riders as well. Fortunately for them, two points were sufficient for reaching Play-off.

In Group F, Team Russia won two very close clashes. They had to play Overtime versus both WARDELLnF and Imperial on the first map. But, Team Russia was good enough to win both of these legs. In the last match, Team Russia met domestic team Panda. Panda desperately needed a 2-0 win in order to stay in the competition. They drew first game against Imperial and lost the second one against WARDELLnF. Given that Imperial defeated WARDELLnF, Panda had a chance to advance further.

On both maps (Train and Overpass), Panda had a big advantage on half-time. Anyway, Team Russia came back in the match both times. On Train, Russians didn’t accomplish a complete comeback as Panda ended the game before it went into Overtime (16-14). But, on Overpass, the Chinese team had to play 12 additional rounds in Overtime. The final score was 22-20 in Panda’s favor. At the end of WESG 2018 Group Stage, Panda and Imperial Esports had the same amount of points, but Panda advanced forward due to the better round difference.

Group G and Group H: Team Ukraine and ALPHA Red undefeated

In the last two groups of WESG 2018 Group Stage, Team Ukraine and ALPHA Red were undefeated. Team Ukraine won the first match against TNC (16-14, 16-13). Then, they drew the match against 5Power and won the last match against ENZO (16-7, 16-5). TNC Pro Team won second place in the group. Alongside loss versus Ukrainians, they defeated ENZO (16-6, 16-6), and took one point against 5Power.

This was a surprising result by TNC as everyone expected domestic 5Power to reach Play-off.

In the last group of WESG 2018 Group Stage, we saw another surprise. Viva Algeria took second place instead of Chiefs. The Algerians prevailed in the first match against Altima (16-12, 19-17), and lost to ALPHA Red in the second match (16-1, 16-8). Therefore, Viva Algeria was playing against Chiefs for the place in Play-off. On the first map (Nuke), Chiefs had a big advantage on half-time (11-4), but Algerians conceded only one round in the second half.

WESG logo World Electronic Sports Games Esports

The squad from Algeria had a much easier job on Inferno as they dominated opponents with ending score 16-6. sabAAA from Viva Algeria definitely was the MVP of the match with 54 kills in total and 113 damage per round. The best team in Group H was ALPHA Red who was undefeated. After drawing the first match versus Chiefs, they won the following two.

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