What Makes s1mple the Best CS:GO Player in the World?

What Makes s1mple the Best CSGO Player in the World
Source: instagram.com/s1mpleo
  • S1mple is the best CS:GO player in the world at the moment. But, what actually makes s1mple the best CS:GO player, and why is he better than others? Read what CS:GO pro players think.
S1mple just has a champion’s mentality

When it comes to the reason for s1mple’s success, the most mentioned thing among professional CS:GO players was his mentality. Almost everyone mentioned that as one of the crucial things that make s1mple the best CS:GO player in the world. Lekr0 says that he has a lot of confidence and that he doesn’t have to think about his team. According to his words, NaVi’s AWPer just plays his own game and is doing it well.

On the other side, woxic thinks that his good game and confidence come from the fact that his team is building a game plan around s1mple. Indeed, Natus Vincere subordinates everything to their young AWPer and it really pays off. He wins so many rounds for his team that NaVi shouldn’t have won.

One of the most recent examples is Ace 1v4 clutch in the crucial round against ENCE in Quarter-final of StarSeries event. If s1mple haven’t done what he did, NaVi would have probably lost that round and match as well.

Also, he is also an aggressive player. ALEX says that he doesn’t care about potential risks so he peeks wherever and whenever he wants. Most of the time, he gets out without receiving any damage. REZ, Stewie2k, and brehze agree with ALEX, as well as AZR who says that s1mple has “big b*lls“.

He is also motivated

One of the things that make s1mple the best CS:GO player in the world is his motivation. That’s something that Team Liquid’s player, NAF points out as s1mple’s good side. Nex from BIG says that the young Ukrainian player has a drive that pushes him forward. So, that’s definitely something we have to take into account.

Hard work and talent

We all can agree that NaVi’s player has incredible skills. But these skills are not random or lucky plays. Truly, no one can deny that the Ukrainian player is very talented. Regardless, he is a hard worker as well.

The famous Brazilian player, TACO, says that he heard from s1mple’s teammates that he works so hard to be the best player in the world. Shazam also says that s1mple is talented, but talent without work ethic is not enough. So, he thinks that s1mple must have a good work ethic.

Rain emphasizes that s1mple is the player who reached 10,000 hours before any other top player. As everyone can see, s1mple is playing CS:GO a lot. Even during big events, he likes to stream when he comes to the hotel room. Hard work is definitely something that makes NaVi’s player the best CS:GO player in the world.

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