Why Is Xyp9x The Best Clutcher In CS:GO?

Why Is Xyp9x The Best Clutcher in CSGO Esports
Source: instagram.com/xyp9x

There is no better clutcher than Xyp9x from Astralis in CS:GO. He manages to clutch in so many tough situations that he earned the nickname “CS:GO clutch minister”. But, why is Xyp9x the best clutcher? In this article, we will mention the important skills that any good clutcher has to possess.

What does clutch in CS:GO mean?

If you heard this term so many times but you are not 100% sure what does it mean, here is the explanation. Clutch situation is when only one player left on the team and he has to face 1 to 5 opponents players. If he manages to win that unfair fight, we say that he clutched the round.

CS:GO fans tend to either overlook or overestimate the importance of clutching. Although you have low chances for winning 1v2+ clutch, if you do certain things in the right way, it’s definitely doable. And if you end up winning that duel, you will win the round for your team that they should’ve lost. Still, you cannot expect from other players to always clutch, except if they are Xy9pex. The “CS:GO clutch minister” is always expected to clutch the round regardless of how tough the situation is. Surprisingly, he usually meets expectations, but why is Xyp9x the best clutcher?

Exceptional game sense

Your game sense will manifest itself the best when you find yourself in a clutch situation. The better game sense you have, the better the chances for a clutch. As a support player, Xyp9x proved that he has exceptional game sense. He always knows where the remaining opponents are. Of course, it also has something to do with good team communication, but you must give credit to Xyp9x, too.

Additionally, Xyp9x has a very good map knowledge, so he always knows what are potential trajectories of his opponents and how much time they need to reach a particular place. Sometimes, it looks like Xyp9x is using wall hacks as he anticipates opponents movements so well. But, that’s why Xyp9x is the best clutcher.

He is aware of his environment

Of course, this thing goes along game sense, but we have to mention it as well. This is also practical advice for all players who wants to clutch as good as a “CS:GO clutch minister”. Xyp9x carefully listens to all sounds to figure out where opponents are, what weapons they use and what they are trying to do. Also, he looks for shadows, holes in and below walls (playground on Overpass, silos on A site on Nuke…) to notice any movement. That’s something you should do as well if you want to be a successful clutcher.

Patience and waiting

Patience is generally a very important thing in CS:GO, but it gains more weight when it comes to 1vXs duels. Sometimes, you need to spend a lot of time sitting in one place waiting for opponents to make a mistake. When they do, Xyp9x capitalizes on their mistakes without showing any mercy. That’s why clutches have a lot to do with the mental aspect of the game.

When other teams face Xyp9x in clutch situations, they are nervous more than usual as they know that any mistake will cost them. Hence, under such pressure, they tend to make mistakes against “CS:GO clutch minister” more than some other players. Moreover, Xyp9x is patient enough to drive his opponents crazy. If he doesn’t have to peek a certain angle, he will not. He demonstrates his discipline so well, and that makes him a successful clutcher.


If you look at any Xyp9x’s clutch, you will see that he almost never hides in common spots. According to his own words, he tries to stay in “stupid” spots where opponents will not expect him. Maybe those spots are “stupid” in regular situations, but in clutch situations, it forces opponents to check every single angle. Accordingly, it takes a lot of precious time from them and it puts Xyp9x in a less unfavorable situation.

Another important thing is to constantly move in 1vXs duels. Of course, you should be patient, but when you take one frag, you have to immediately move out of that place because the other team will easily find you if you stay there. That’s something that Xyp9x does very well. He always tries to trick the enemies and he is constantly changing his position. That’s why Xyp9x is the best clutcher.

He tries to enforce 1v1 duels

When you face more than one opponent, the worst thing you can do is to run straight into the all remaining players from the other team. You will never win that fight alone. Xyp9x knows that so well, and that’s why he always tries to enforce 1v1 duels where he has much better chances to win the fight. So, you never should fight when you are exposed to multiple angles. Always try to divide and fight enemies one by one. That will give you much better chances of winning tough clutch situations.

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