ZywOo Shows Astonishing AWP Skills After 1v5 Clutch

ZywOo Shows Astonishing AWP Skills After 1v5 Clutch
  • As one of the youngest prospects in the CS:GO scene, ZywOo, often shows his astonishing AWP skills. But what happened in the last match of Team Vitality is just on another level. He pulled out a 1v5 clutch to earn match points for his team.
ESEA Season 31 kicked off

Another ESEA season kicked off on May 2nd in Europe with Riders upsetting ENCE on Nuke (16-14). Just a day later, ENCE faced Team Vitality on the same map. That match finished in the same way for ENCE.

Team Vitality lost their second match at this Online event to Virtus.pro on Mirage (16-10). Afterward, they faced forZe on Overpass, the map where ZywOo showed his astonishing AWP skills once again. This time, he’s done it under big pressure as he was the last man remaining on Team Vitality’s side. Additionally, all of forZe’s players were alive. Nevertheless, ZywOo pulled out 1v5 clutch after taking down forZe’s players one by one.

He found the first kill easily in Mid as he had an advantage because of long-distance. Then, he eliminated almazer in the bathroom with his Deagle. After that, ZywOo demonstrated how quick reflexes he has after a nice flick followed by frag. Afterward, ZywOo had to fight against two players who were approaching him from two opposite sides. Nevertheless, he successfully put a bomb down and found both kills.

His incredible 1v5 Ace clutch brought five match points to his team, which was enough for them to secure the map. Almazer from forZe played very well as he ended the match with 33 frags and only 16 deaths. He had the best rating after the game, but he couldn’t carry his team alone.

Team Vitality dismantled AGO to top the group

After beating forZe, Team Vitality confronted WESG 2018 runner up, AGO. Although AGO opened the match in good fashion after winning the opening four rounds, it turned out to be an easy ride for the French squad. In the continuation of the match, Team Vitality conceded only two rounds. Hence, Team Vitality reached the top of the Group with 9 points.

Valiance and Movistar Riders are following them with 6 points. Valiance destroyed Sprout Overpass allowing the German team (Sprout) to win barely two rounds in the whole match. The next Valiance’s opponent was much stronger as they forced Valiance to play Overtime. However, the Serbian team prevailed in the end against HAVU to secure the second win out of two matches.

On the other side, after upsetting ENCE, Movistar Riders successfully overcame x-kom on the new map, Vertigo.

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