Dota 2 – 7.22g Patch First Impressions

Dota 2 - 7.22g Patch First Impressions
  • The post TI patch has finally arrived, and many thorns in players sides are finally being addressed by Icefrog. Before we move on, yes, there are Alchemist nerfs, but is he nerfed enough?

7.22g First Impressions


Dota 2 Chainmail

The Dota 2 7.22g Patch notes kick off by addressing a few overpowered items in the game. Hand of Midas was a very common pick up among Strength Safelaners, so the recipe cost was increased to remedy this. Armor is also much harder to come by now. In the past, players had access to a plethora of early game armor items, in Medallion, Phase boots, and Chainmail. All three of these items now give less armor than they did before, making physical damage much more powerful in the early and mid game. Another noteworthy point is that this could be seen as a buff to Agility carries and a nerf to Strength carries. Since Agility heroes naturally gain armor as they get levels and armor becoming more of a rarity now.

Nerf Hammers


Alchemist Dota 2 Icon

Let’s address the elephant in the room first, Alchemist, IO, and Enchantress were given the nerf hammer this time around. Alchemist has had his Greevils Greed slightly nerfed, thus crippling his ability to get gold. Moreover, his ultimate no longer provides him mana regeneration, making his sustainability in the early game very weak. Items such as Soul Ring are sure to be must-have pickups for Alchemists now. His talents were also nerfed, namely his level 25 talent, increasing his Chemical Rage BAT. This basically means that he will attack a lot slower than before. Overall, these nerfs do not phase this hero out of the meta, but he is a much more niche pick this time around. (As he should be)


Lo Dota 2 Icon

IO’s changes were quite deserved, as it seems that the heroes support capabilites are not weakened too much. At TI9, IO was played a carry hero, due to its ability to literally everything. After clever repositioning of the heroes GPM talent, and Spirits Damage Talent. Since the GPM talent is given a lot earlier than before, support IO will greatly benefit from this. Furthermore, having +75 Spirits Damage later on doesn’t conceptually break the hero, rather slows it down. That is why Support IO is very happy with these changes.


Enchantress Dota 2 icon

Similar to IO, Enchantress has had it’s early and midgame nerfed. Firstly, she now has 4 less base damage, which significantly weakens her laning ability. This nerf doesn’t only hurt her last hitting, but also her harassing potential. This is a very big nerf, and will definitely reduce her win rate significantly. Her early game was also weakend, due to her healing spell now healing for a lot less in the first few levels. This severely weakens her sustainability in lane. Her Impetus was also moderately nerfed, but ultimately, she will still do “Enchantress” things if she gets a decent start.

Actual Buffs?!


Clockwerk Dota 2 Icon

It’s been a good minute since these heroes have been in the spotlight. Clockwerk, Keeper of The Light, and Ursa have not been picked at TI9, warranting their need for some love by the Frog. Clockwerk is the biggest winner of the patch. Firstly, he has access to much more mana than ever before. Combining the fact that his spells are very spammable, and they’re moderate to low mana costs makes this change a very positive one. His movespeed was also slightly increased, which is actually a huge buff for a hero like clockwerk. In the early game, Clockwerks damage potential relies on whether or not he can keep up with his enemies, so even a slight buff to his mobility is very valuable to him. His cogs are also slightly better, making them easier to hit.

Keeper of The Light

Keeper of the light Dota 2

Kotl has also received some awesome buffs this patch. Firstly, one of his underused spells, “Blinding Light”, has received some massive improvements. The abilities cooldown has drastically decreased, and its radius has increased as well. This makes this spell a valuable one point wonder ability. Furthermore, his Mana Leak will now leak slightly more mana, and his Disco ball flicker talent has been buffed to +2 to +3. All in all, Kotl is a much better hero, and hopefully, some value can be seen with him despite his nerfs over the years.


Ursa Dota 2 Icon

Ursa’s Earthshock Damage was Increased!


puck dota 2 icon

Moving right along, Puck has some of the most interesting changes this patch. His jaunt (his repositioning ability) can now no longer be used during a root. Although this is most definitely a nerf, the frog has graced puck with the ability to phase shift during roots instead. Whether this is a net positive or net negative, is too early to say. Personally, the change is positive for the late game, since puck is extremely burstable at that point in the game. Early game, however, being able to jaunt while rooted is much more useful than phase shifting. Players tend to have one point in it anyway, but it will be interesting to see if players opt for more points into the spell. Other than that, Puck has received an Agility buff (increasing armor and attack speed), along with talent buffs. All in all, Puck is more mobile, elusive, and rather useless than ever before, but they are exciting changes nonetheless!

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