Ex-VG Player Fade To Join RNG

Ex-VG Player Fade To Join RNG
  • Fade announced on his Weibo that he officially left the VG Organization. He was allegedly in talks with RNG for a while now, and confirmed he’s joining the team.
Fade Stated His Retirement

Days after TI9, allegations were brought to light involving Fade going through negotiations with RNG during the event. Although this is merely frowned upon in the west, the Chinese Dota sphere takes these things very seriously. At the time, the best-case scenario for Fade was a mockery from the Chinese fans, pushing for his retirement. Fade later announced that he would be retiring from professional Dota, which may have been a rather rash decision. The call to retire was made just when the raw emotions of getting eliminated from TI was very fresh, and Fade seems to regret this decision.

Retiring From A Short Retirement

Fade has had a “sudden change of mind (as) switching power treads”, announcing his debut into the Aster squad. He will be joining the ranks of veterans such as Sccc, Chyuan, Boboka, and XXS. Aster has failed to qualify for TI9, thus some sort of roster changes were almost guaranteed for the squad. VG on the other hand, did perform decently, but likely did not meet their own expectations. The first TI in Chinese soil likely added some abnormal pressure to the Chinese favorites, such as LGD and VG. This is a big reason to their shortcomings.

Tying Up Loose Ends

The fact of the matter, is that these teams were fully expected by Chinese fans to win the whole event. This pressure not only affected their play, but also their antics behind the scenes. At the moment, its not known if Fade will receive any type of repercussions for carrying out his talks with RNG. Fade is well aware of this and hopes his new organization will compensate VG for any damages his actions caused. He expressed that if they do not, he will personally pay for them himself.

For now, not much is know about VG’s future roster. So far, not much speculation or confirmations are made about their roster, other than Fades departure. This whole situation likely came as a shock to fans and to the VG squad themselves. VG were one of the better teams of this years DPC, and a roster change was not necessary for the coming season. Nonetheless, VG is officially looking for a new support player, and the Chinese fan base will be looking intently for any news regarding any roster shuffles.

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