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The Dota 2 subreddit can be a convoluted mess at times. However, many users in the sub are pushing for a few “quality of life changes” to be made to their beloved game. In this list, well be looking at a few standout suggestions, and hopefully raise awareness to them.

This wish list will be divided into 3 categories; Content, Quality of Life, and Valve related requests.

Content Wish List

Immortal Treasure II

We’re nearing the halfway point between the release of the TI9 Battle Pass, and the start of the tournament itself. So players are itching for some of the excellent new cosmetics to be released. The first treasure has been widely praised, and many of the cosmetics combined seamlessly with previous ones. Namely the Lifestealer Dread Requisition along with the Profane Union (released at the TI7 Battle Pass). Sadly, a handful of heroes are yet to receive an Immortal, such as Techies, Arc Warden, Chen, and IO. Here’s hoping that the Immortal Treasure II will take care of that!


Valve has taken it upon themselves to releasing PvE CooP mini-games along with previous Battle Passes. This year is no exception with the tease of the “coming soon” Mo’rokai game. These games are a fan favorite, since Dota 2’s  Source 2 engine is already universally acclaimed, and fans have been yearning for some sort of PvE experience that takes place in the Dota 2 world. These mini-games are the closest we’ll probably ever get to them, and they’re usually a hit among players. There’s still no word on when this game mode is dropping, but last year Underhollow launched on the 14th of June, making us slightly overdue for one. Fortunately, Mo’rokai will likely drop any day now.

Tiny Prestige Item

This years battle pass has teased a number of new and exciting sets. Two of them have already dropped, and their excellent quality left fans wanting more. The good folks over on /r/DotA2 have noticed that the teased Tiny Prestige item is actually from TI7’s Siltbreaker; The “Mo’rokai” of two years ago. The set in-game was already acclaimed for its high quality, and with Tiny having one of the oldest models in the game, he’s due for a “remodel”. Since this is the first time Valve have teased this many exclusive sets, its a fools errand to predict when this set will drop, but a good guess would be within the next two weeks. If we somehow don’t get the Tiny item by then, then we’d probably already have the exciting Invoker Persona.

new cosmetic (left) shown side by side to Siltbreaker artwork from two years ago

Above is a screenshot of the new cosmetic (left) shown side by side to Siltbreaker artwork from two years ago (right)

Invoker Persona

Invoker Persona Dota 2 Apcolyte of the Lost Arts

By far the most interesting cosmetic to be seen, the Invoker persona will bring a brand new take on the design of the Grand Magus. We don’t know a ton of information on what this cosmetic will bring, but what we do know, is that the 27-ish year old Carl will be redesigned to a much younger model. (This change will not replace Invokers current model, but act as an optional cosmetic.) We also have a good idea of what this new persona will look like. Community members have caught on to a popular Dota SFM that had a young Invoker featured, and it’s likely that Valve will use that same model! What we don’t know, is how his lore will be affected, or if he gets any redesigned spells. It’s a good chance that he will receive brand new voice lines, which I personally am extremely excited about.

A gut feeling is that this will be the last cosmetic item to drop, just days before the TI9 Main Event but, we do not have enough information to know for sure. This Cosmetic will most likely have the most work and polish needed since it really seems like a complete redesign of the hero. Fans will just have to eagerly wait and see what this treat will look like when it finally launches.

Quality of Life Wish List

Ranked Roles For All!

For the uninitiated, Ranked Roles is a feature that dropped along with the release of Dota +. The feature allows a player to queue for a ranked game under a specific role, aimed to reduce conflict on choosing the desired role at the start of a game. Since this feature is locked behind a paywall (that not many people are willing to pay for), the feature is very underused at the moment. The users of /r/DotA2 have been pushing for Ranked Roles to be a free option for all players to use. At first glance, this seems like players are just trying to get free stuff out of Valve, but that’s hardly the case. We don’t have the exact numbers, but not even the entire subscriber base of Dota + actually use the feature. What’s left is an extremely tiny amount of players that do use it. In turn, this results in abhorrently long queue times, as well as huge rank disparities in actual games.

Having ranked roles become a free feature, will definitely solve all of these issues, at the expense of Dota + becoming a much less valuable service to pay for. In a perfect world, Valve would just add extra content to Dota + to make up for this, but that’s a far ask. But with Dota 2’s competitor League of Legends already having this feature for free, its mind boggling that it isn’t so for Dota.

Solution To Smurfing

For years, the subreddit have been calling to Valve to put more effort into detecting and punishing smurfs. The community seems to have conflicting opinions on this matter, because high profile personalities such as BSJ and Wagamama occasionally smurf, but they are still widely respected members of the community. On the other hand, a more controversial figure like Henry (RawDota), will receive extensive flak for smurfing in games.

The fact of the matter is, no one likes to have smurfs in their games, and finding a solution is logistically a very difficult one. Community members suggested having an option to report a player for smurfing, while others suggest an entire revamp to the banning system. There’s a fine line between how Valve handles punishments (which is considered to be a fairly just one), and how Blizzard does. So it’s not surprising that Valve is hesitant to make any changes to how punishments are handled. There is no perfect solution to this, but fans would love some attention to be made on the issue.

Optimization Issues

It’s not completely clear when players began reporting performance drops, but lower end PC’s are truly suffering right now. According to this post on /r/DotA2, a user has figured out that his PC has received a 49% decrease in FPS recently. I even have had friends with low-end PC’s getting kicked out of the client in the middle of hectic team fights. It’s very clear that along with the addition of the new Battle Pass, some of the new features may have not been properly optimized to cater to lower end PCs. Hopefully, Valve will address this issue as soon as possible, but due to the Dota Underlords launch, the Valve team is most likely spread too thin.

Direct Wish List To Valve

Talk To Us, Valve!

To put it bluntly, Dota is a really old game. Even before Dota 2’s launch, the first iteration of the game ala the Warcraft III version makes this game truly ancient. This makes it hard for Valve to constantly think up some new content for the game, not even considering that Valves staff might be getting sick of working on this game. In comparison, Valves brand new IP; “Dota Undrlords” is receiving a ton of support by Valve through constant updates, and communication on Twitter. The last few words of the previous sentenced were italicized to stress the fact that fans want Valve to be more transparent regarding Dota 2. Understandably, Dota Underlords will receive a ton of support in the coming months, to make sure its launch is not terrible like Artifacts. But a “Treasure 2 will release in X days” tweet wouldn’t hurt.

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  • Credit to u/Boldhams for this excellent picture, link to his thread here.

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