Team Liquid Fan Gets Told To Put Away Sign At The International

Team Liquid Fan Gets Told To Put Away Sign At The International
  • No love for TL? A Team Liquid fan who was holding a sign with #LETSGOLIQUID had to put his sign away after TI event coordinators spoke to him.

Team Liquid Fan Gets Told To Put Away Sign At The International

It looks like Team Liquid isn’t getting any love from event coordinators at The International 9 in Shanghai, China. Team Liquid has been going on an impressive run so far. Since the main event day 2, Team Liquid were showing that they were going to be contenders for the most prestigious trophy in all of esports. They beat TNC Predator 2-0 on day 2, had a dominating day 4 beating both Royal Never Give Up and Evil Geniuses 2-0, and beat Team Secret 2-0 on day 5.

The last match on day 5 was against PSG.LGD where they had a shaky start, losing the first game. However, TL came back to win 2 in a row and move to the finals against OG. Considering how well they were doing, it would only be natural to have fans try and get any stream time and put a sign up in support of their favorite team. Well, one fan was quickly shut down when they put up a sign with #LETSGOLIQUID written on it.On the Dota 2 Russian channel, viewers saw The International event coordinators quickly rush the fan who had no idea that he was in trouble for putting up the sign. The other fan who was holding up a plush toy seemingly noticed what was about to go down, however, didn’t give any heads up to the Team Liquid fan as everything was happening too fast.

Team Liquid Dota 2 The International Fan

The TL fan was told to put down the sign right away, and some viewers in the chat were suspecting that there was some animosity due to Team Liquid being so dominant in the tournament.

However, it’s most likely due to the fact that the hashtag “LETSGOLIQUID” is an official hashtag for the esports organization, and the event coordinators felt that the fan was showing the sign for more publicity for the team.

#LETSGOLIQUID Fan Takes Down Sign TI

Although we see many esports events where fans hold up a sign supporting their favorite team, evening suggesting a follow, it just wasn’t tolerated at this TI9 event which is quite odd.

fans behind esports casters
Source: GFinity

Nonetheless, even if Team Liquid might not be able to get the love from TI workers at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, they have something better going for them. Team Liquid are in the finals of The International 9, and they are looking to be crowned champions again.

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