Double Dragon & Operation Wolf Original Paintings by Paul Faris

In recent years I’ve grown to appreciate Art and what it offers. When I look at the newest video game box art, I look to see why it was made that way, and what the artist was thinking. Sure it might be easier now to do video game box art with the new age of computer technology, however, it wasn’t like that once upon a time, and now I want to show you two items that I believe you can really find amazing even if you are not into Art. Hopefully these paintings can get you on the path of discovering Art like I just recently have.

This fine Tuesday morning brings a couple of items that I believe never surfaced on the internet before. Seller ulalajko is selling a beautiful Double Dragon Original Painting, and has also a really beautiful Operation Wolf Orirignal Painting. Both art paintings were actually used for the arcade version of the games, not the NES version. This is why you might be looking at the Double Dragon one and figuring out where it is from. The original Double Dragon painting was used as marquees for the arcade machine. You can see how it looked like by visiting the’ll see the artwork at the top of the machine. These marques are also available for sale as they get faded and broken so replacements is necessary. But, I am still confused when it comes to the Operation Wolf Painting. It’s done by the same artist, but if you check out this link, you’ll see the art work wasn’t used anywhere; not for the side cabinet, marquee or even promotional flyer.

Further more, both Paintings are done by artist Paul Faris so at least we know that much. But, after doing a Google search I wasn’t able to find any concrete information on the artist other than him being the art director for Bally’s pinball division for a number of years. I found a list of the art he’s done for pinball machines but not for arcades. It’s too bad because I’m sure he has done other Art for arcade machines but there is no information available. It would be nice to see a list of machines he worked on other than pinballs. I’ll keep searching after this post and update it if I find anything, but in the meantime I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the seller finds this article and can give us some more details on these pieces.

Both paintings are up for auction and each is priced at $449.95. This is significantly cheaper than the Original Castle Wolfenstein Painting that Akira featured back in February which ended at $2,024.99. The dimension of the Double Dragon is 17.5″ x 21.5″ over all dims including frame, but the Operation Wolf has no specifics. Both paintings are signed by the artist. Just taking a look at the DD painting, I really like how the aqua colored frame really compliments the painting.

There are two days left for each auction and both have no bidders on it. I expect people to discover the listing soon enough since the paintings were just listed yesterday. Good luck to anyone who’s considering to bid on these historic pieces!

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Double Dragon & Operation Wolf Original Paintings by Paul Faris

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